Rumor is President-elect Barack Obama may have been born in Kenya not Hawaii, which would mean that he is not a 'natural born' U.S. citizen.  According to, Obama's grandmother in Kenya is seen on video stating that Obama was born in her village in Kenya.  In addition to his grandmother, both his half-brother and half-sister say he was born in Kenya.  Check out the clip of his grandmothers interview below.

[youtube: 350 292]

There are also reports that Obama has yet to provide a valid U.S. birth certificate to prove his birth in Hawaii, but after doing a little bit of investigating on the Internet, I found out that Obama's campaign put the image of Obama's birth certificate on the Internet back in mid-2008.  As it turns out , Obama is not the first presidential candidate to have his eligibility challenged.  John McCain, Dick Cheney, and Barry Goldwater have all had their citizenship challenged.  For more information on Obama's citizenship status and to read more about the laws that effect it, visit