First he was the first President EVER to miss theHeroes Ball on Inauguration day and now President Obama has done some monumental snubbing again!President Obama declined an invitation to attend an annual dinner at the Gridiron Club, a club of prestigious reporters, columnist, and bureau chiefs in Washington. Obama is the first president since Grover Cleveland (who's last term of presidency ended in 1897 just to give you some frame of reference) to miss the dinner and it is not going unnoticed.Although the club issued a statement saying, "we understand," many still feel snubbed. Clarence Page, a columnist with the Chicago Tribune stated, "People feel uncommonly saddened, miffed, and burned."Obama's busy schedule is said to be the reason he could not attend the dinner, but I find it funny that he finds time for Jay Leno and basketball games. I know everyone deserves some time off, but is he really choosing his appearances wisely? Celebs over heroes? Time for Jay Leno but not Gridiron? What do you think? Is our new Prez a bit of a celebrity-whore?