Miley Cyrus has a half-brother named Christopher Cody Cyrus.Christoper is the love child that Billy Ray had with a woman named, Kristin Luckey. Kristen met Billy Ray in South Carolina where she was working as a waitress. Apparently Billy Ray got Kristen pregnant and then left before he was born. He then got his now wife Tish pregnant the same year. Kristen said,

Christopher has seen Miley fewer than five times in his entire life, mostly when they were little kids.

This is truly a sad story. It must be so hard for Christopher to see Billy prancing around America as the proud father of Miley. I just can't believe that a close knit family like the Cyrus family can write off a child so easily. If they can hide something this huge, imagine what else they might be hiding. What do you think? See more pics of Chris here.