[caption id="attachment_33680" align="aligncenter" width="282" caption="Girls Making Out"]Girls Making Out[/caption]Once college is over it is time to face the REAL WORLD. No more sleeping through classes, you have a job and a boss to report to. Ya the real world sucks! Here is a reality check from College Candy of what you should enjoy now before the real world is over.1. Mid day naps: Unless you decide to hightail your pretty bum down to Mexico or start your own company or something, midday siestas are generally not in the typical workin' girl schedule. Oh, how I love the five hour breaks in between my classes.2. Threesomes: Unless you want to end up like Charlotte in SATC, watching your dude getting frisky and feelin' up some rando-girl while you stand awkwardly on the sidelines, I think threesomes are definitely better explored pre-graduation. I think almost everybody has at least one wild hookup story (that may or may not involve multiple partners) by the time they leave college. And that's where those kind of explorations should probably stay. In college.3. Pizza Diets: Depending on where you live, life's little luxuries, like one dollar slices on Monday nights, might not be at your disposal the way they are now. Nor should they be. You will be an adult and should be eating real food. Like steak or something.Check out College Candy for the rest of the list!