In order to get you in the mood to see the new Wayne's Brothers movie Dance Flick, I have put together a top 10 list of old school dance moves that I hope you still aren't doing. (If you still participate in these ridiculous 80's dance moves I won't laugh...too loud).

These are in no particular order:

1. The Fishing Pole and The Fishy

The fishing pole:You cast your line out and reel it in. Pretty simple but all done to the beat of the music.

The fishy: Have your hands on each side of you hand and have someone pretend they are wheeling a real fish in but as they do that you have to keep your hands on each side of your hand and as they are doing that move forward towards the person and move your arms that are still on your head

2. The Shopping Cart

It sorta starts out like the lawnmower. You have your hands in front of you, your fists closed like your holding onto the handle. Then swinging your hips steady and shuffling your feet, you throw one hand out like grasping a can. Placing it back on the cart handle do it again with the other hand. Repeat

3. The Sprinkler

Stand there with your right arm (or left) in front of you with a fist, pull back 3 times as you move your arm to the left, and then swing right arm back to the right.

4. The Running Man

Also known as The Vanilla Ice, you take a step forward, then slide that foot back, immediately placing the next foot forward. Repeat while moving your bent arms forward and back (together). When done quickly, you'll look as though you're "running". If you want to get really fancy, you can pivot on one foot so that you're facing in the other direction and do it all over again.

5. The Roger Rabbit

The Roger Rabbit is like the running man but you are doing it backwards.. Your arms are by your sides (or doing some funky move) and you take your right leg and sorta skip backwards once, and then your left leg you do the same thing, and then your right leg does it again but this time when your right leg goes back you sorta rock back and forth (right left right) note that when your right leg goes back your left leg is in front and vice versa!! You have to do it sorta robotically

6. The Cabbage Patch

Hold your fists closed, bend your elbows, push out and rotate your arms in a circle from your chest out and around!!!

7. The Lawnmower

You pull the lawn mower cord about three times (to the beat) to get it started - move forward a few steps and pull the cord again. Repeat.

8. The "Egyptian"

Performed during the The Bangles classic "Walk Like an Egyptian", basically the intent is to mimic walking like the old illustrations in Egyptian art, moving your head back and forth. It is done by walking with your head bobbing forward and backward while having one arm bent 90 degrees and facing backwards and the other arm bent 90 degrees and facing forward, both moving forward and back. Front arm bent upwards back arm bent downwards.

9. The Kid N' Play

You take one ridiculous Indian step forward. Once you've have take this step, immediately twist both feet so that your heels kick out. Take another step with the other foot and do the same process. You could also move back or to the side with the same outward kick.

10.The Hammer Dance

By M.C. Hammer, he wore those baggy genie pants, keep legs wide apart, slightly bents, shuffle quickly one way, then the other.

If you want a list of some other 80's dance moves that you may or may not remember click here and here.