channing-tatum-charlyne-yi-dirty-dancing-parody-2Channing Tatum and Charlyne Yi's Dirty Dancing parody video recently premiered on spoof is part of Mean magazine's Cinemash project which casts today's stars in some of yesterday's most memorable roles.Channing Tatum plays Johnny Castle and Charlyne Yi plays "Baby". Here is a little bit of Channing and Charlyne fine dialogue.Baby: "I'm talking about the way he treated you because of me."Johnny: "People treat me like I'm nothing because I'm nothing baby. It has nothin' to do with you, nothin'.B: "No. That's not true."J: "You don't know nothin'. You're just a little jewish girl from New York, who's got a little cute hook nose."B: "But I'm learning too much this summer. I can understand. I can."J: "You-- you can't. For a person like me, Baby... one month I'm eating Jew Jew Bees to stay alive. This month I got women stuffing diamonds down my pockets, Baby, and I'm balancing on s**t here and just like that I could be down there again."B: "What do you mean "balancing on s**t?'J: "Like I'm trying to keep my balance on a piece of s**t."B: "It doesn't have to be that way you don't have to balance on s**t."