christian-bale-the-fighter-setChristian Bale is an amazing method actor. We first saw this when he played Trevor Reznik, a man who suffers from an extreme case of insomnia, in The Machinist. He looked freakishly skinny for the role, which raised a lot of concern.Now it appears that Bale has lost a lot weight again for his next role in The Fighter. He plays Dickie Eklund, a boxer turned trainer turned drug addict, who because of his drug addiction loses a lot of weight and muscle mass and has lovely thinning hair.I hate when Christian Bale takes on these roles. He is such a beautiful man and he turns into a complete monster. I don't get how his body transforms so fast from being big and muscular to being all skin and bone. I think he is the one actor that can transform so fast.Here are some pictures of Christian on set of The Fighter and some pictures of him in The Machinist.christian-bale-the-fighter-set-2christian-bale-the-fighter-set-3christian-bale-the-machinistchristian-bale-the-machinist-2christian-bale-the-machinist-3