kate-gosselin-buys-condo-in-rockville-maryland-3Kate Gosselin will be moving for the umpteenth time in five years because she is purchasing a condo in Rockville, Maryland so she would have somewhere to go while Jon is at the Pennsylvania home with the kids.kate-gosselin-buys-a-condo-in-rockville-marylandRadarOnline has exclusively learned that Kate Gosselin is moving to Maryland. She's buying a condo in Rockville, a wealthy part of Montegomery County. Oh, by the way, bodyguard Steve Neild's office is in Rockville--just a block away from Kate's new place. All the easier to protect her!Kate and Jon are splitting parenting duties while splitting up. When one stays at the Pennsylvania house where the kids will remain, the other takes off to their individual apartments. Jon has a condo in New York.