Naomi-CampbellNaomi Campbell, who is vacationing in Italy with her boyfriend, wasn't too happy when a paparazzo got a little to close to her and reportedly gave him a good beat down.Naomi attacked the pap with her bag, hit him in the head, injured his eye with her fingernail and put him in the hospital. Gaetano Di Giovanni, the victim of the brutal attack, said, "First she hit with her bag, screaming at me and then she tried to slap me. Her nails got my eye. For a few seconds I could not see a thing. I could hear that her bodyguards and her boyfriend were trying to drag her away."I don't know why Naomi even bothers to pay bodyguards, she seems to be able to hold her own in the fighting department. I wonder how much this attack is gonna cost her.What do you think?