rob-zombie-popeater-interviewIn his recent interview with PopEater, Rob Zombie, who is actually warm and cuddly at heart, revealed that the brutal violence in 'H2' "is going to bother a lot of people." He also chats about what he considers the nastiest kill scene of all time, and one recent remake he wishes he could have directed. Click here to check it out.

On Possibly Branching Out Into Non-Horror Genres: "Sure ... I like dark, violent material but moreso I like it more in crime movies ... I wish someone would have offered me the remake of 'The Taking of Pelham 123' because that's like my favorite movie of all time. Something like that."On the Best Kill Scene in Movie History: "There's a scene in 'American History X' where Edward Norton makes the guy bite the curb and then stomps on the back of the guy's head. That is just so horrible, and that's the type of thing we'd reference. I just think violence should be horrible, and if you watch it you should go 'I feel sick now.' Because I hate when there's these horrible things and people are laughing and cheering."On Striving to Succeed in the Entertainment Industry: "Right as you feel like you've thrown your life away ... you have to have this weird sickness in your brain telling you to push ahead ... You've just gotta keep doing it."On How He Mentored Scout Taylor: "I just think of her as a friend ... This business is filled with a bunch of, for the most part, phonies who are trying to get what they can from you. I'm not stupid. When I can make them money, they're my best friend. When I can't make them money they don't even want to know who you are."