Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are expecting child #19!Duggar-FamilyThe family announced their exciting news on the Today Show. Michelle, who adheres to the religious belief of not using birth control and leave the number of children you have up to God, is 3 months pregnant.Duggar-FamilyVia People magazine,

Despite being pregnant 18 times before, Michelle says this pregnancy came as a shock, although her daughters wondered why she was eating more pickles than usual.'I was wanting pickles and the older girls were saying, 'Mom, you only crave these at the very beginning of being pregnant, You kept it from us before, now tell us. Are you?' Michelle says. 'And I kept telling them I wasn't. I just wanted some pickles.'

I'm sure they will stick to tradition and give the baby a name that starts with a J. They already have, Joshua James 21, Jane Marie 19, John-David 19, Jill Michelle 18, Jessa Lauren 16, Jinger Nicole 15, Joseph Garrett 14, Josiah Matthew 13, Joy-Anna 11, Jedidiah Robert 10, Jeremiah Robert 10, Jason Michael 9, James Andrew 8, Justin Samuel 6, Jackson Levi 5, Johanna Faith 3, Jennifer Danielle 2 and Jordyn-Grace 8 months.What do you think the next name will be?