Eric-Dane-Rebecca-GayheartEric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart have found them selves at the bottom of another scandalous situation. Last time it was a sex tape featuring the married couple and Kari Ann Peniche and now the duo have been spotted snorting some cocaine.It's believed that they were intoxicated during their little sex party and now a source has come out to say they are drug users. According to the source,

Put it this way, if you're at thishouse, you're there to get high.... Rebecca used to date one of the guys at the house. I'm sure she knew he had major drug connections. They arrived in the afternoon and stayed well into the evening. I think Eric and Rebecca were there to get high. It didn't take long before she asked where the coke was. Then went into the other room and started snorting lines of cocaine. I watched them do it. I saw Rebecca snort lines a couple of times - and Eric at least once.

OMG! I can't believe she would snort cocaine when she is pregnant. This has to be a lie or at least from an incident that happend before she conceived. If not, Rebecca is one stupid lady for putting her child's life in jeopordy because of her own reckless behavior.What do you think?