karen-sala-keanu-reeves-paternity-testA few months ago, 46 year old Karen Sala from Ontario filed papers in court claiming that Keanu Reeves was the father of at least one of her four kids, who are all now adults. Karen is asking for $150,000 per month in child support, retroactive from June 1988, as well as $3 million per month in spousal support retroactive to November 2006.Keanu finally agreed to take a paternity test to get this looney woman out of his life, hopefully forever.Karen is super ecstatic that Keanu had finally agreed on the DNA test."It's great news. Finally, we can get some closure on this. This is not about revenge or an attack on his good character, it's about closure and getting some peace. This is a personal journey."Keanu's publicist once again said that he claims he has never ever met Karen Sala, but wants to shut the door on the crazy, so he's willing to take the test to clear his name.