Katie Holmes is one of five of Elle magazine's leading ladies in Hollywood, along side Renee Zellweger, Emily Blunt, Julianne Moore, and Zoe Saldana.Here are some highlights of each of the five women's interviews:KATIE HOLMESWomen-in-Hollywood-katie-holmesOn family life: "In my own life, my whole world really revolves around family. I do what I need to do, but it's like, How is everybody else doing?' And it's wonderful for me as an actress to put some of that into a character."On life as a working mom on the Broadway set of All My Sons: "Suri would sit in my lap in the makeup chair. She'd hand the wig lady the bobby pins."On fashion: "I love Alaa, for sure. Stella McCartney. I like Ralph Lauren because I feel like it's very American, and I'm pretty all-American, from Ohio. Isabel Marant and a new designer, Sari Gueron.On the genre of film she loves most: "It can be any genre. I even like vampire movies they just have to be well done. I want to believe in the characters. The minute it starts to feel not real, I'm not interested."EMILY BLUNTwomen-in-hollywood-emily-bluntOn adjusting to Hollywood life since moving from the UK: "I feel the fear of the business creep under my skin in L.A. in a way that it doesn't in England. It's funny I feel like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, unless you're in Hollywood! It's shameful how you have to look a certain way. Women are simply not allowed to grow old gracefully. That's why I love playing character parts, because I'm not pigeonholed into trying to remain young forever to play the ingnue or romantic lead."JULIANNE MOOREjulianne-moore-elle-woman-of-hollywoodOn types of characters she is drawn to: "I think my connection to acting has been through reading. I'm interested in scripts. People ask me, "What role are you dying to play?" It's really, What story do I want to be in?"RENEE ZELLWEGERWomen-in-Hollywood-Renee-zellwegerOn actresses from earlier eras that have influenced her: "For Leatherheads, I was thinking of Katharine Hepburn, the way she leaned forward with her shoulders back, speaking in her lower register the whole time. I like her confidence, her intelligence, her sense of entitlement. When I was making Chicago, I couldn't stop watching the Marilyn [Monroe] videos. Not so much because of the sex kitten thing; it was more her vulnerability. That was a huge part of the Roxie character. But it's not about emulating; it's about a feeling."On whether a successful movie career requires sacrificing your personal life:"A friend of mine couldn't decide between moving to New York or staying in L.A., and another friend said, "Do Everything!" I thought, That's it, do everything."ZOE SALDANAEL1109COVERSubZoe_LAY.inddOn being known as a beautiful Hollywood actress: "I'm sorry, but it's sexy to know that guys find you attractive. It's empowering."