paranormal-activity-movie-poster'Paranormal Activity' is being called the next Blair Witch Project. With its low budget of a mere $11,000, this film was taped in 11 days-- and is called "the scariest movie of the decade."The films follows a young couple, Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat, who are convinced that their house is haunted. They set up a video camera to monitor their bedroom over the course of 2o nights.The film is said to be packed with lingering effects that will leave you "shaken and utterly terrified of your own home."

Adam Goodman, president of production at Paramount, recalled that 35 people walked out of the films screening early not because they didn't like it but because they were too scared.The tiny film at first was only opening up in 10 random markets, not including major cities like NY or LA. To gain more promotion they were calling on audiences to demand this movie in their area. The film is now playing on 33 screens across the country and will open in 10 more markets this weekend--Boston, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Cleveland, El Paso, Hampton Roads metro Area, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Portland, Salt Lake City, and Toranto. Paramount remains committed to their promise to open the film in evry market once they reach 1 million "demands"--they are currently just shy of 700,000. So go demand it!!!