Adam Lambert and major gay publication, The Advocate, are claiming that Adam's AMA performance fell victim to double standard for gay performers after ABC and Dick Clark productions edit the performance for west coast feed.

The part of the performance that was edited was when Adam grabbed the head of one of his back-up dancers pulling it to his groin as he thrusted back and forth. Adam and The Advocate claim that the performance was edited because he is gay and in a statement to Radaronline ,The Advocate said,

In his first major television performance outside of American Idol, Adam Lambert delivered the sexually charged number we expected from him last night on the AMAs. It was reminiscent of other envelope-pushing performances by provocative artist like Madonna and Janet Jackson. It's unfortunate that ABC and Dick Clark productions censored the performance for west coast audiences highlighting the double standard that still exists for gay entertainers.

Adam-LambertABC and Dick Clark productions stated,

Due to the live nature of the show we did not expect the impromtu moment in question.

What do you think of the censorship? Was it an act of discrimination?