[caption id="attachment_65201" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Photo: INFDaily.com"]Photo: INFDaily.com[/caption]Since Tiger Woods has refused to speak with them, the Florida Highway Patrol paid a visit to the hospital where Tiger was treated after his car accident.According to TMZ, the FHP is pursing a search warrant for Tiger's medical records to help determine if the injuries to TIger's face were from the accident or his WIFE.The police are required to show probable cause for a search warrant and based on the different stories Elin Nordegren, Woods wife, told authorities and the fact that Tiger publicly admitted to being on pain killers at the time of the accident, the police should have more than enough probable cause to obtain a warrant.If domestic violence did play a role in the accident, Elin could be arrested.To read more go to TMZ.com.