[caption id="attachment_64671" align="alignleft" width="188" caption="Photo:INFDaily.com"]Photo:INFDaily.com[/caption]In an interview with the New York Times, John Mayer reveals, "I should be having sex with more girls."John blames the lack of sex on tabloids. He's gained a lot of media attention for his past relationships with Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson and has even been labeled a womanizer.John talked with the New York Times about his thoughts on women, stating,

It's crazy to me that in my head, that being 32 and dating women is going to get me in trouble. I can't even explain to you how terrible that feels, that I equate dating a woman with punishment, shame, guilt, disappointment, reproach, reprimand, persecution. It's a nightmare.

As for being a womanizer John says, "They say I'm a womanizer. I say I haven't met enough women."What do you think? Is John a womanizer?