This Is It poster.There's a scene in This Is It where Michael Jackson explains that he wants to take the audience to places they've never been before, to show them things they've never seen, and the purpose of this documentary revolves around that statement, because it was absolutely true.Michael and his cast and crew were constructing a concert experience that would have been unlike anything that's ever been done. I never had any hope of being able to see the actual show in London, but as an introspective musical documentary, This Is It is one of the most humble and fascinating that I've ever seen.Michael never pretends to be in his 20s again, but he returns to the stage and he absolutely owns it. His music belongs to him, and he belongs to his music, and his performances caught on tape in these rehearsals prove to the world that he never lost the talent that won his way into millions of hearts.Some people have questioned whether or not it's fair to release a documentary like this, some even calling it a "money grab," but a brief consideration of the alternative is all it takes to realize what a preposterous accusation that is. I remember a few months ago when a short video of Michael's rehearsals showed up on the internet. It showed Michael rehearsing on stage, doing a few basic dance moves and generally showing his age. That actual clip is in this movie, but to have allowed Michael's departure from us to have been shrouded in that inadequate image would have been to criminally neglect his importance in the music world and to his fans all around the world.Michael Jackson has had one of the most unique musical careers in history, starting his performing career as a child not even ten years old and ultimately becoming by far one of the most famous and successful musical performers in the world, before his career began to dwindle and decay, and then become steeped in controversy and increasingly erratic behavior. Michael Jackson performing in This Is It.The supermarket tabloids made an entire industry out of demonizing his various quirks, making him out to be a super-rich lunatic who had completely lost his mind and was physically altering himself until he barely looked human. This Is It stands as undeniable proof that Michael was always all there. Not only is it a beautiful and respectful documentary, it is something that was owed to the world, especially after Michael's sudden and tragic death.Ladies and gentlemen, we have been offered the opportunity, from all the strangeness and controversy, to witness the emergence of the true, original artist, and the fact that some people call this a money grab' is absolutely the pinnacle of stupidity. Even after a career slump of a full decade, full of bizarre appearances, a growing sense of strangeness and continuing criminal accusations, Michael announced his final concert tour and sold out 50 shows in a single city before the first show even started. That is phenomenal. Michael Jackson performing in This Is It.The beginning of the documentary explains that it was made up of footage from the rehearsals which was meant to be a part of Michael's personal library, but it's filmed with high quality cameras and professional camera work. I expected that the movie would be composed mostly of glowing interviews with a variety of other performers talking about what a miracle Michael Jackson was, but this took up only a tiny fraction of the screen time.It's not a glorification project, it's a glimpse at the spectacular concert experience that they were creating at the time of Michael's death, and our last look at the talent that was still resonating in him; and, without this documentary, the world would never have known how much energy and performing ability he still had. It's almost certain that had he not died this documentary would never have come out, and even though there surely would have been concert videos that would have been something similar, we should all be grateful for this wonderful film as an unparalleled insight into his life and who he was.Michael's death, regardless of what you believe about the plastic surgery and the strange behavior and the often totally ridiculous accusations made against him, was a tremendous loss in the world of music and performing arts, and This Is It never for a second attempts to cash in on his fame or success, but to pay tribute to Michael, because regardless of anything else, he was definitely one of the greatest and most compelling entertainers who ever lived. THIS IS IT.I have always felt a deep sympathy for Michael's family and friends at his loss, but seeing this documentary and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that Michael offered for the young performers who were to be on stage with him made me realize what a powerful loss it must have been for them as well, to have been awarded this chance, only to have it taken away before it could get off the ground. Still, they have this movie as a testament to their talent and to Michael's acknowledgement of it. And yes, it's definitely true that Michael's female guitarist was amazing.I have a feeling that people will be pretty divided as to their opinions of the film, based pretty much entirely their opinion of him before his death, but I don't care what anybody says, this is a beautiful film that celebrates Michael's life and showcases his talent as a musician and performer, and we should be grateful for it. All this complaining I keep hearing about the movie being made to milk Michael's death and soak a little more money out of his image just strikes me as the most spiteful, insect-like idiocy. I don't make definitive predictions like this very often, but This Is It will be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature this year, it will win, and it will be well deserved. Bravo!The Bean MeterThe Man.