Going green means more than switching to fluorescent light bulbs!

While everyone is trying their best to do the whole green thing, these 50 celebrities listed below take "going green" to a whole other level! Check out our Top 50 Celebs Who Go Green (in the form of marijuana) below!



50. Bob Marley

Some people see Bob Marley as the "founding father" of smoking marijuana.  He publicized it through pictures, through his music, and his green-friendly lifestyle in general.

49. Nicole Richie

In December of 2006, Nicole Richie, Simple Life star and daughter of Lionel Richie, was arrested for driving the wrong way on a California highway and confessed to being high from Vicodin as well as marijuana.

Check out how tiny her pupils are in her mug shot!

48. Charlize Theron

Charlize is even greener than the other celebs on this list, she uses an apple to smoke her weed!  (It's mostly biodegradable and nutritious!!)

47. Michael Phelps

Following the 2008 Olympics in which Michael Phelps won 8 gold medals, a picture surfaced of Michael smoking marijuana out of a bong...extremely bad timing considering all of the endorsements he had recently gained.  Phelps lost his Kellogg's endorsement and was suspended from swimming for 3 months.

46. Travis McCoy

Pretty self-explanatory.  Cleary Travis is a fan of the green!

45. Diddy

Diddy was photographed at an event smoking a joint, which isn't too big of a surprise considering he's wearing a Notorious BIG shirt, (Biggie was "notorious" for his love of marijuana before he died)


44. Orlando Bloom

Back when Orlando Bloom was dating Kate Bosworth, he was photographed literally being fed a joint by his then-girlfriend.  Technically this could be considered two celebs who go green, but we'll just narrow it down to Orlando for now!

43. Lo Bosworth

Laguna Beach and The Hills star Lo Bosworth exhales a mouthful of marijuana smoke.  With the way she's always giggling for no reason on The Hills, I expect nothing less from little old Lo!

42. Johnny Depp

In an interview with GQ magazine a few years ago Johnny talked about weed and about his children eventually experimenting with it. Says the interview, "Depp said that if they choose to try marijuana when they are older, he'd rather be their supplier, because with street pot you don't know if you're getting buds 'laced with P*P.'"

Good call Johnny!  You already know they're going to take after their Dad!

41. Zach Braff

So maybe this is where all those weird random scenes in Scrubs come from? Marijuana can make a person very "creative!"

40. Travis Barker

I think musicians sometimes are the biggest fans of marijuana because it makes music sound 10 times more intense!  Travis Barker clearly isn't shy about his fondness for the green!

39. Frances McDormand

Possibly one of the most shocking on this list is Oscar nominated actress Frances McDormand, who was on the cover of High Times in 2003!  She told the magazine: "I'm a recreational pot-smoker," McDormand reveals without hesitation. "Because it's not a constant in my life, I don't say it should be made legal so it's more available. But from a medical point of view-I have friends who need to use it-why should they have to look too hard for the thing that makes them better? So from that point of view, it's like, 'Please, what is the problem?'"

38. Brad Pitt

While filming Ocean's Twelve in Amsterdam, Brad Pitt was apparently no stranger to one of the coffeeshops on location.  High Times magazines reported, "The script and locations for Ocean's Twelve had been carefully kept secret, but a key scene was recorded in the coffeeshop " De Dampkring." The owner, Paul Wilhelm, told media the lead characters are no strangers there. "We have Brad Pitt in our store a few times a year," he said, "all incognito with a beanie and glasses. Just sitting there smoking some."

37. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has been either accused of or caught doing just about every drug on the planet, and marijuana is no exception!

36. Barry Manilow

How does he hit those high notes?  By taking lots of joint tokes!

35. David Arquette

The picture really speaks for itself...

34. Owen Wilson

Green celebrities unite!  Owen Wilson has been photographed smoking weed with another celeb on our list Woody Harrelson, who as we all know is a serious marijuana advocate!

33. Charlie Sheen

When he was still in high school, Charlie Sheen was arrested for marijuana possession as well as credit card fraud!

32. Seth Rogen

Ever wonder why he plays a stoner in all of his movies?  How about because he's a stoner in REAL LIFE too!?  Seth Rogen is one of those celebrities who doesn't even attempt to hide his love for marijuana, and in fact he's been able to make a career out of being a pothead!

31. Andy Milonakis

He may look like he's only about 14 years old, but Andy Milonakis is a grown ass man who likes his weed!  He even showed off his impressive bong collection to CelebStoner.com when they came to his house to interview him!

30. Redman

According to High Times magazine, Redman is their favorite of all of the "hip-hop stars who have embraced weed."  He has even had the honor of hosting multiple High Times award shows!

29. Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne has been arrested multiple times for marijuana posession, and from the looks of the picture below, doesn't seem to have much of a problem with it!

28. Keith Richards

Keith Richards gave an interview in 2008 in which he said, "I smoke my head off. I smoke weed all the damn time.  But that's my benign weed. That's all I take, that's all I do. But I do smoke, and I've got some really good hash."

27. Joe Rogan

Click HERE to watch comedian Joe Rogan talking about 'the cure for life', weed!

26. Cameron Diaz

In 2006 Cameron Diaz revealed in an interview that "her teenage years consisted of smoking marijuana and surfing in the beaches of sunny California."  No wonder she's such a giggler!

25. DMX

DMX might hold a record for being arrested the greatest amount of times for marijuana possession.  He has literally been arrested so many times that we can't even keep track of it.

But the best part is his high-as-hell mugshot, check it out!

24. Woody Harrelson

When interviewed by the Washington Post about whether or not marijuana should be legalized, Woody responded that he does in fact think it should be legal saying, " It seems logical that in a free country you should be able to do whatever you want to do as long as it's not hurting anyone else. It's unfortunate that when I started talking about all this - and partly through my own fault - the focus became totally about marijuana, and hemp got marginalized."

23. Aaron Carter

It's Aaron's party!  In 2008 Aaron Carter was pulled over and arrested for possession of marijuana.

22. David Faustino

In 2007 David Faustino was arrested after police found him arguing in the middle of an intersection with his ex-wife...with 20 grams of weed in his pocket.

21. Willie Nelson

In 2006 country stars Willie Nelson's tour bus was stopped and searched, and what police found was TONS of marijuana, which you can see right HERE!  Nelson was arrested for possession of marijuana, as well as mushrooms, among other things.

He's an old man!  Let Willie smoke in peace!

20. Amy Winehouse

Is this really a surprise at all?  Amy Winehouse has done and will most likely continue to do every drug within a 12 mile radius, and this most certainly includes marijuana!  Just stick with the green Amy!

19. Kimora Lee

After being pulled over for driving recklessly near her New Jersey home, Kimora Lee was charged with possession of marijuana, which led to the production of this sexy supermodel mugshot!

18. Andy Dick

Andy Dick was arrested in 2008 after pulling down a 17 year old's top, and after he was searched the police found marijuana and xanax in his pockets, after which THIS lovely mugshot was produced.

(This is quite possibly the scariest mugshot I've ever seen in my entire life.  No joke.)

17. Lily Allen

As you can see, weed makes her smileeee, it makes her smileeee, it makes her smileeee!

16. Queen Latifah

In 1996 Queen Latifah was pulled over in Southern California for speeding, when the cops found marijuana AND a loaded gun in the car!  Aren't those two things kind of conflicting?  Lose the gun, smoke some green and chill out Queen!

15. Jason Castro

After being kicked off of American Idol in 2008, these pictures of top 10 contestant Jason Castro surfaced of him smoking what appears to be marijuana.  But I mean, are we really surprised?  The dude has longer dreads than Bob Marley!

14. Matthew McConaughey

If you've ever seen the video of Matthew McConaughey banging on the bongos shirtless on the beach, this definitely shouldn't be a surprise.  Back before he had a fiance and child, Matthew was a wild one.  In 1999, Matthew was charged with possession of marijuana and other drug paraphenalia after the cops were called to his house and found him once again playing bongos shirtless!

14. Paris Hilton

We all know Paris Hilton isn't exactly the princess she originally made herself out to be (*cough*sextape*cough*)...but no one had any idea she went green until these pictures surfaced from Paris's trip to Amsterdam!  Apparently she recently quit smoking because she was gaining weight from all the munchies!

13. Steve-O

Although Steve-O is sober now, he used to be REALLY into marijuana (check out his marijuana leaf tattoo on his wrist in the right-hand picture).  In his recent documentary "Steve-O: Demise and Rise" he said that at one point he was TRYING to get arrested, and there were a few incidents where he smoked marijuana in front of the cops and they just laughed and wrote it off as Steve-O being Steve-O.

12. James Franco

No one has ever played a better stoner than James Franco in the movie Pineapple Express in which he plays a complete pothead/drug dealer (except for maybe Sean Penn as Spicoli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High).  To promote the film James Franco and Seth Rogen smoked what appeared to be a serious joint onstage at the MTV Movie Awards last year.  James clearly is a method actor!

11. Kristen Stewart

Maybe the reason Kristen Stewart always looks high is because she always IS high!  Kristen has been photographed smoking pot on more than one occasion and we like that she doesnt even TRY to hide it!  You go green gurl!

10. Mischa Barton

In 2007 Mischa Barton was arrested in LA for possession and being under the influence of marijuana while driving.  She's made it no secret in the past that she is a HUGE fan of the green, as you can see in these pictures of her publicly smoking her own joints!

9. Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore definitely wins the award on this list for smoking marijuana at the earliest age.  She smoked weed for the first time when she was 10 years old!  TEN!  She's pictured below smoking with fellow pot-smoker Cameron Diaz.  Maybe the green is what ignited their close friendship?

8. Doug Benson

Doug Benson is a comedien/professional weed smoker, who is most commonly known for his stints on VH1's Best Week Ever.  Doug also made a documentary on the effects of smoking weed a few years ago called Super High Me, which was a take off on the award-winning documentary on fast food called Super Size Me.  In the documentary Doug went 30 days without marijuana and monitored himself with various physicals and intellectual tests, after which he spent 30 days smoking as much marijuana as he physically could, and monitored himself with the same tests.  The outcome was that smoking marijuana didn't really make much of a difference in Doug's mental ability or his health (other than his weight which increased by about 10 pounds over 30 days!)

7. Macaulay Culkin

In 2004, Macaulay Culkin was busted for marijuana possession following a traffic stop in Oklahoma while driving with a friend.  Can we just make a mental note that in all of these mugshots where the people are supposedly high, they actually look like they don't really mind that they're having a mugshot taken?

6. Adrianne Curry

Adrianne is not one to hide her love for being green.  She recently told CelebStoner.com, "As a semi-celeb, I am sick and f*cking tired of people coming down on me for being pro-marijuana.  I'm the bad role model? Why has everyone seemed to miss the countless photographs of their favorite role models and celebs toking up? As long as as someone keeps it under wraps, or sits in denial when they are caught, then it's ok? Well, not for me. I believe pot is MUCH safer than alcohol or anything else for that matter. I can only hope our government can find a way to make as much money off making it legal as they have making it illegal!

5. Cheech and Chong

The original potheads, Cheech and Chong, will always be known for their love of marijuana after their films about being stoners became extremely popular in the early 80s.  They lost touch for a while after some disagreement between the two (hard to imagine them having a serious disagreement when they're both so high all the time) but they have since reunited and started doing comedy tours once again!

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Being the Governator of California is a stressful job, which is all the more reason to advocate the legalization of marijuana!  We can all see you've enjoyed it in the past Arnold, so why don't you let us here in Cali enjoy it in the present and future?  Pretty please?  Thanks!

3. Whitney Houston

In 2000, Whitney was arrested in an airport after multiple baggies of marijuana were found in her luggage.  At that point I think marijuana was the least of her worries (what with all the crack and cocaine usage ahead of her) but she's supposedly sober now so we'll see if any more of those little baggies turn up anywhere!

2. Snoop Dogg

The Dogg Father himself is one of the strongest advocates for marijuana use in the entertainment industry today.  You can see marijuana in practically in every music video he shoots, it's definitely talked about in every single song he records, and although he's been arrested multiple times for marijuana possession, Snoop continues to support the green!  Snoop!  Snoop-a-loop!

1. President Barack Obama

He is our president, and he is pro marijuana! (well...kind of)  Obama says he's not pro-legalization, but he is pro-decriminalization because as we can see, he has experienced marijuana and knows first hand that it does not automatically make someone a "criminal,"  Otherwise, our 44th President would be an ex-convict!!

Check out the video below of Obama talking about his feelings on marijuana!