White-House-CrashersOMG! Virginia socialites, Tarek and Michaele Salahi, aka White House Crashers, are being investigated by the Secret Service after sneaking their way into President Obama's first state dinner.The aspiring reality TV stars, they were trying to get on Bravo's Real Housewives of D.C., managed to make their way past Marine guards, Secret Service details, and White House staff and partied with the most powerful people in the world, including the US President and Indian Prime Minister and eventook a photo with Vice President, Joe Biden.Gatecrashers-Joe-BidenThere are reports that claim the couple planned to crash the party months in advance and had the Bravo network believing they were invited guest. A Bravo camera crew followed them to the White House, but didn't attempt to get in.The couple is now facing possible jail time for trespassing and felonious misrepresentation, although, their lawyer posted this statement on the couple's Facebook page,

My clients were cleared, by the White House, to be there. More information is forthcoming.

Personally I think the White House should be thanking them for revealing a flaw in their security. What do you think?Want to know more about the White House Crashers, they are scheduled to appear on Larry King Live on Monday night.[gallery]