James Cameron is one smart man. From the success of his films Terminator and Titanic to the most recent box office smash Avatar, Cameron undoubtedly is one of Hollywood's most forward thinking directors. Avatar has reached the billion dollar mark for ticket sales, definitely something worth bragging about.


And despite recent press pointing out some of James Cameron's personal weaknesses (firing back at Glenn Beck, yelling an an autograph seeker at LAX) it appears the director wants to show the world that he can do more than make highly profitable flicks. You see, the Avatar DVD release is April 22nd, which happens to coincide with Earth Day.


And according to Teen Hollywood.com, James Cameron has partnered up with the Earth Day Network to help raise awareness around going green. He even went on to say that the, "Earth Day Network's commitment and actions to promote a healthy, sustainable planet go hand-in-hand with the themes of Avatar."

We on the Hollywire Green Scene think this is not a ploy to make more money and increase DVD sales, that Cameron actually wants to help the environment. Of course we'd love to know what you think-is this a James Cameron PR stint or legitimate planet fix???