Miley Cyrus has something to say to all the haters out there.... "go get a hobby!"Miley-Cyrus-Liam-Hemsworth-TVDuring an interview with KIIS FM, Miley not only confirmed she's dating Aussie, Liam Hemsworth, which we already knew, she made it clear how she feels about her critics.Miley-Cyrus-Liam-Hemsworth3Miley said,

I may not be the best singer in the world, but I don't lip synch, I'm honest. I'm honest in acting, too. I'm doing what I like, people that are dogging me probably aren't, which is why they're down on me. I want to tell them 'go get a hobby!'

As for Liam, Miley added,

I feel like I've been with people before, both in the public eye and out of the public eye, that may need something from me. He's not like that. He was already successful, he was already cast in a movie, he didn't need me for that. He doesn't need me to make him famous.

Wonder if she's referring to Justin Gaston in that last statement. He did gain a little fame while dating Miley and since the split it's Justin who?What do you think?