Lindsay-Lohan-Sam-Ronson-Bar-FightLindsay Lohan has had one rough week. In addition to her dad showing up with the cops and being accused of theft, Lindsay is now band from Trousdale club after trying to start a bar fight.Lindsay was at Trousdale club on Friday night where she ran into Sam Ronson, who happened to be DJing, and freaked out.Witnesses say,

Samantha was DJing and went to sit with her friends when Lindsay stormed over and threw a glass at her head.

Sam immediately twittered,

Just got a glass thrown at my head..... Hmmm-wonder who did it????

Lindsay then wrote on her twitter page,

last night-never-again-believe it or not she's done with the club scene I've learned my lesson-sometime's it just takes a glimpse of reality.

Lindsay is done with the club scene because she has managed to get herself blacklisted. She creates chaos everywhere she goes. I think it's time someone steps in and gets Lindsay the help she needs.What do you think?