Want to rub elbows with your favorite celebrities this summer!? Well, we have all the insight on how you can make this summer dream a reality...With summer time just around the corner, we are all anxious to hit those much anticipated SUMMER HOT SPOTS for lots of fun in the sun, great food and hopefully an autograph or two!?

We live the 'Hollywood life' on a daily basis as we follow the entourage lifestyles of our fav celebs, so how can we hang out with them during our favorite beach season? Simple, follow my guide below for the expected hottest of hot spots for this Summer 2010.  - OK, I am not promising you are going to rub elbows with the best of them, but at least with these locations in mind there's definitely a good possibility!

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1.) Malibu Beach: By far one of the most beautiful beaches in Los Angeles and also the home to many celebs such as Adam Sandler, Tom Hanks & Demi Moore.  It is very much a possibility to run into celebs while sun bathing at this 27-miles stretch of paradise.  Last summer, couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard were spotted catching some waves in Malibu.


2.) Fred Segal Cafe: The Fred Segal Cafe serves homemade pastas with a side of celebrity sightings located on Melrose Ave.  With amazing outdoor seating and a fabulous menu, this cafe is sure to be one of the best places you may find yourself rubbing elbows with your fav celebrities.  Our favorite heiress Paris Hilton is one of many celebs who frequent the cafe.

3.) Runyon Canyon: One of our very favorite things about summer is spending it out doors! - Located in the heart of Hollywood and over looking beautiful LA, there is no question why Runyon Canyon is everyone's fav summer spot to hike, soak up nature and sweat out the burger you ate the night before.  So get your tennis shoes laced and your stylin' sweat band ready because this canyon is not a stranger to celeb sightings.  Stars such as Lauren Conrad and Jessica Biel are among the celebs who frequent this hot spot!

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4.) Crave Cafe: Ok, so this could be a shout out to one of my favorite cafes in Los Angeles, but in my experience going there it has proven to be a celeb hang out favorite. This is probably due to the fact that it has the best panini's in town, is open 24 hours and has a  frozen yogurt sampling station! Yes that's right!! Tranformers hottie Shia LaBeouf would agree that this cafe is the best of the best in Hollywood!


5.) LAX Airport: Summer is the perfect time to travel! And whether it's for a vacay or a business trip you can bet your favorite celebs will be at LAX Airport this summer! So when you find yourself people watching at the airport, be sure to have your celeb radar in tact! Take note of the picture containing our fav Twilighters, Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart as they make their way through security at this celeb infested airport.


6.) Whole Foods - Santa Monica Blvd & Fairfax: Who doesn't like Whole Foods!? It's the perfect healthiest of healthy places to shop for food and it's also grocery heaven for many celebs. This summer you can be sure to spot some health conscious celebs shopping for goods at this location. Recently A-List actress Sandra Bullock was spotted getting her health-on at the Whole Foods on Santa Monica & Fairfax.


7.) NBA Finals: ehhumm LA Lakers Games..Thats right! Everyone knows that Lakers' fans are very loyal and it just so happens that many of their fans are some of our favorite celebrities! This summer's NBA Lakers Finals will be sure to bring out the best celebs. Check out this recent picture of Leonardo DiCaprio and Zac Efon seated side by side court side! Can you say HOTNESS!?!?


8.) Angels & Kings-LA: One of the newest night clubs that recently opened in Hollywood  is sure to guarantee the most VIP crowd this summer! Angels & Kings is a club chain, other locations include Chicago, New York & Barcelona. Fall Out Boy bassist, Pete Wentz helped start the chain which has launched it as a  new LA 'hot spot' for celebs and taste-makers to hang out at.  Bring on the vodka and celebrities!


9.) The Roosevelt Pool - Tropicana: As one of the most historical landmarks here in Hollywood, The Roosevelt Hotel continues to be one of the hottest spots to show your face and bathing suit bod in the summer.  The pool area which includes the Tropicana Bar are a celeb fav hang out!  It is indeed true that there are MANY hotels in Hollywood that have stellar pools, but for some reason The Roosevelt continues to be of the utmost posh and trendy spots to get your golden tan on! Lindsay Lohan totally agrees!


10.) Disneyland: The most magical place in the whole  world! So why wouldn't celebs want to spend some of their summer time hanging with our fav Disney Characters!? Celeb sightings are constant at Disneyland especially in the summer when the park is at its best!  Recently teen sensation Justin Bieber and entertainment host Ryan Seacrest were spotted riding all the magical rides and enjoying the excitement that is DISNEY! - A must visit place this summer for Mickey Mouse, The magical Kingdom and celebrities! celebrities! celebrities!

Happy summer celebrity hunting!