Victoria Justice walks the red carpet at MTV Movie Awards

Fun Fact #1

Victoria Justice is a great singer!  Not only has she been a featured guest star on a ton of shows, she has also been featured on the soundtracks for Nickelodeon's original movie 'Spectacular!' and her show 'Victorious'.  She is currently working on her solo debut album, which she plans on releasing next year. 

Victoria Justice flashes her million dollar smile


Fun Fact #2

Victoria LOVES fashion!  She is constantly among the best dressed on the red carpet... and she says that her favorite celeb's style is none other than Vanessa Hudgens


Fun Fact #3

Her most prized possession?  Her 'N' SYNC' Lance Bass ring from 5th grade!  Who didn't love 'N' SYNC' back in the day?  And, how awesome is it that this is her most prized possession?!  That is fan dedication!

Victoria Justice poses on the red carpet


Fun Fact #4

Her first kiss was with Cole Sprouse on the set of 'Suite Life!'  It was during one of her many guest starring roles-- Victoria played Rebecca in the episode 'The Fairest of The All.' How is that for a first kiss!?!


Fun Fact #5

Victoria's toughest moment in her life so far was when she lost the fourth grade spelling bee!  She had difficulty spelling the word "earnest"--  E-R-N-E-S-T.  It's OK Victoria, we still heart you!