It's been a long six nights in the slammer for Lindsay Lohan.  The young actress is unable to sleep because inmates close to her cell keep her up all night by chanting 'firecrotch,' which was a mean nickname given to her by Brandon DavisLindsay has now been moved to solitary confinement.


One source says,

"Lindsay would lie there shivering all night, crying and covering her face with her hands.  Her wailing was keeping everyone awake.... She had a hysterical fit, crying and yelling, so she got put in isolation."


Lindsay is expected to be released within the next 7 - 8 days, but she won't be heading out for a vacation or a luxurious stay at a lavish hotel.... It's straight off to rehab for Lindsay.  TMZ is reporting that Lindsay will most likely be checking in to a California rehab facility almost immediately after being released from jail.

If you do the crime, it's only fair you serve the time, but Lindsay doesn't deserve the taunting.  You gotta feel a tad bit sorry for her.


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