Selena Gomez took to her official Facebook fan page yesterday to apologize to her fans for having to cancel her upcoming shows. The pop sensation has been on a rigorous promotional tour for her new movie, Ramona and Beezus, and her throat could not handle all of the consecutive interviews.


Selena said that "After my 2 week promo tour with Joey I started to feel pain in my throat from talking too much. As soon as I came home I went to see my doctor and he said that I had damaged my vocal chords and that I had acid reflex (probably from pickles)."


Fans know how much Selena loves fried pickles along with touring!

Selena Apologizes to Fans for Rescheduling Shows


"He (the doctor) told me that I had to cancel my shows and be on vocal rest for a week. I felt so horrible that I couldn't perform. I begged the doctor to give me more medication to last me through these shows, he said if I went I could lose my voice completely and have permanent damage."

Selena Shares Fried Pickels With Letterman


I think all the fans can agree they would rather see Selena get the rest she needs instead of jeopardizing her voice completely! Selena regretfully will have to reschedule her upcoming shows because of her sore throat. She has promised fans she will make it up to them and said that she is truly sorry about the situation.

Selena Apologizes to Fans for Rescheduling Shows


" We are doing the best we can to reschedule all of the shows and I will do a 2 hour meet and greet in each city that I missed when I come back into town. We are also trying to see who was planning on coming to the shows so we can give you all tickets to the rescheduled shows. I am SO Sorry about all of this & really hope I can see you all when I'm better."


What do you think of Selena's apology?