Snooki from Jersey Shore couldn't hold her alcohol or emotions yesterday, July 30th, while partying on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. The Reality TV star was arrested for disorderly conduct after making a scene on the beach and TMZ has released the mug shot.  


Here's one eyewitness's account of what went down,

"I first saw Snooki outside the Shore Store with, I believe it was Vinnie, and then they walked down to EJ's Bar. About 20 minutes later Jennie "J Woww" Farley went in, and they all came out about an hour after.

Jersy Shore cast jealous of the situation

When they left there was a ten-speed bike.  Snooki got on and fell right off again. J Woww picked her up but she seemed to be ok.  She was dancing and singing all by herself. Then she just suddenly started crying. They went down off the boardwalk [onto the beach] and she was falling down on the ground and crying and yelling. J Woww was yelling at her saying, 'You're acting like an a*****e Snooki. You're being an a*****e.'

Snooki then started crying and yelling, 'I want my mom, I want to go home!'"


That's when the cops stepped in to help Snooki by holding her up, but when things got out of control the cops took Snooki into custody.  


She remained in custody for several hours before being released on a summons, which means she'll have to go to court but wasn't required to pay bail to get out of jail.


What a night!!! Can't wait to see it play out on TV.  What do you think?