It's the 'gray sweatpant' that is a signature in every girl's wardrobe-- usually categorized as the comfort go-to-- but this summer the cotton loving material is stepping out and making a celebrity fashion statement!


Not only has the once private-- now public-- attire been making appearances on many of our favorite fashionista celebs, but it has also been standing out on the runway in a message to all style seeking people out there that comfort is indeed an asset when it comes to looking your best!



So we begin the 'sweatpant' style 411-- a high fashion you can actually sleep in! Celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Mary-Kate Olsen, Sarah Jessica Parker & Demi Lovato are all guilty of sporting posh sweat styles, so take a tip from them!


With sweatpants coming in a variety of shapes and colors you really have a lot of room to be creative.  Here are some of the specific styles that have proven themselves on the runway: Capri sweat, gathered sweat shorts, athletic gathered capri & the lounge sweatpant.  


STYLE TIP: In order to make the sweats look hip the key is to pair them withsomething fitting on top such as a button-up, silk or patterned texture and/ ora blazer. On the bottom add a heel or wedge for a trend setting appeal!


What do you think about sweatpants being a fashion statement!?