With nothing short of sexy, edgy and fantastically raw-- celebrity photography Tyler Shields does it again and this time with one of HOLLYWIRE's favorite actresses, Ally Maki, who alongside, 'The Gates' hottie Colton Haynes-- shows off some very artsy & sensual poses! Can you say sassy!?


"Love is Forever" is what Shieldsis calling his new series --  which tells the story of one man'sjourney through life and the many different loves he encounters.





Aiding as a time capsule of pictures, the collection of photos express all emotions of love from passion/fiery to sweet and of course heart-breaking.  Besides Ally and Colton, the series also features Alessandra Torresani, Leven Rambin, Haley Ramm & Electra Avellan.




HOLLYWIRE got the chance to catch up with Miss. Ally Maki who chatted all about her first experience working with the talented edgy photographer as well as best friend Colton:


"It was super awkward to shoot with Colton. Tyler was tryingto get us to have this intimate moment and I kept busting out laughing becauseColt and I are so close. I can't stare into his eyes and be all serious withoutcracking up. You'd be surprised to know that we are ridiculously dorky when weare together."



On working with Tyler:


''Tyler is awesome to work with, such a genius ...he has somany great ideas, but he thinks I'm scared of him (which maybe I was) hahah no,I'm not scared of him!!''



Ally also expressed her yearn to do another shoot with Tyler in the very near future:


''We want to do anothershoot soon if HOLLYWIRE viewers have any good ideas for us!?''


So HOLLYWIRE viewers what do you think should be the theme for Ally's next Tyler Shields photo shoot!?


For the rest of the fabulous pictures and more on Tyler Shields & his photography you can visit: www.tylershields.com