Look out Kristen Stewart!  For their new film, Christina Ricci & Robert Pattinson will do plenty of kissing!  Ricci & R-Patz star in the upcoming film Bel Ami, centering around a young man who uses and manipulates women to climb the social and financial ladder in Paris. 



Inside InStyle magazine Ricci stated of Pattinson, "...he's a good kisser,"


Judging from the plot, Christina Ricci won't be the only lucky gal getting lip intimate with Ed Cullen.  Uma Thurman & Kristin Scott Thomas also star in this seductively intriguing film.  Will Pattinson put on a French accent?  Even better!  Ricci further stated,



"He's so charming and such a smart guy.  He's so super organized and in charge of his career.  He was actually giving me advice."


Isn't that something?  R-Patz giving advice to veteran actor Christina Ricci, who is also 6 years his senior!  Pattinson certainly knows a thing or two about confidence, and as if we didn't know, kissing.