Will we soon be seeing our favorite Glee club on Broadway? It looks like it might just happen Gleeks!


Ryan Murphy, the brains behind Glee, has signed a very large development deal [$24 Million to be exact] with Fox, that would allow Ryan to bring Rachel Berry to Broadway!  She would be so proud!


Glee Going to Broadway?


No doubt the fans would flock to see the hit television series on Broadway, but that is not all the contract with Fox provides for Mr. Murphy.  He has so much more freedom now. 


Ryan is also now the executive music producer and will receive a portion of the profits from the show's TV soundtracks and episode sales.  He will also benefit from any merchandise sold and live tour profits. Glee has already been picked up for two more seasons on Fox, who knows where it all can go from there!


What do you think of Glee becoming a Broadway show?