Taylor Swift has been singing basically since the day she was born and we all know she's great at it, but there is a lotmore to learn about the country singer who won the heart of America.

Here are 'Five Fun Facts' about Taylor Swift that include everything from a few of her favs to her birthday and hometown.


5. Hometown

Taylor Swift Fun Facts

Taylor was born on December 13, 1989 in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.

4. Favs


Color - White

Food - Cheesecake

Holiday - Christmas

Song - Can't Tell Me Nothing by Tim McGraw

Memory - Living on a farm

3. Strangest Item She Owns

Taylor Swift Fun Facts

A giant birdcage. From an interview with CMT: "I heard you have a birdcage? 'Yeah, but it's giant. It's like people-sized. You can put a table in there, and I'm going to. I'm so excited.'"

2. Lead Single "Mine" Huge Hit

Taylor Swift Fun Facts

Due to overwhelming fan demand, Taylor Swift's lead single "Mine, " from her upcoming album, Speak Now (in stores Oct. 25), has been rushed released to iTunes and to Country radio. "Mine is available at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/mine-single/id385990165

1. What Fearless Means to Taylor

Taylor Swift Fun Facts

Taylor says, "To me, fearless isn't not having fear. It's not that you're not afraid of anything. I think that being fearless is having a lot of fears, but you jump anyway."

What's your favorite fact about Taylor Swift?