Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are supposedly going through a nasty divorce and Spencer is in negotiations to sell a less than appropriate video of Heidi, so why is it they were spotted together at a resort in Costa Rica.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

According to TMZ, Spencer told them he was there to hand over their two dogs to Heidi, but Heidi wanted nothing to do with him. However, the video they obtained tells a different story. On the video you see Heidi and Spencer run off in different directions after they spotted paparazzi snapping shots of them. Check out the video here.

HW Spencer Pratt

For once in his fame loving career, Spencer has nothing to say to the cameras and runs away.  Why?

UPDATE: Heidi and Spencer have both talked to People magazine to explain why they are in Costa Rica together.  

Spencer says, "I had to bring the puppies down and help them move in. [Heidi] thought I was going to leave, but I'm not. I didn't want to get divorced.... I have nothing in Malibu, I'm homeless, I'm nothing without her."

Heidi says, "We were really getting along and it was amazing he was being so thoughtful to help me move. Then things turned." She then added, "I'm going to leave the hotel and get a house because Spencer won't leave me alone and won't go back to Malibu right now. It's just too hard. I still love him, but I can't stand what he's doing."