Paris Hilton might just be another one of those lucky celebs who can get away with just about anything. With her arrest in Las Vegas last week--for cocaine possession--one would think that the heiress would get a stiff punishment. However, Las Vegas based criminal attorney, Al Lasso thinks otherwise.

Paris Hilton Might Get Just A Light Punishment!

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Lasso spoke to and said:

 With such a small amount of cocaine, the vast majority get probation. She doesn't have a record here, so it's not likely she'll get jail time. She doesn't have any felony convictions. Most likely she'll get probation. Many times it's knocked down to a gross misdemeanor, which means she wouldn't be considered a felon.

But it might not be all too easy for Paris. If she gets parole, there are still some consequences she may have to deal with.

Lasso said:

If she gets parole, Paris will report to her officer frequently (usually once a month). She has to stay drug-free. She has to stay out of trouble. It can last up to five years. In a case like this, normally you have to do about two years.

But this isn't the first time Paris has run into trouble with the law. In 2007, Paris violated her parole from a DUI and spent some time in the slammer and in home confinement. She also has been caught with marijuana twice and all the charges have been dropped!

What do you think? Should Paris go to jail or be given a get out of jail free card?