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David Arquette: Halloween Short Film Special!

Today, Hollywire was able to find out what exactly David Arquette has been doing these past months while he was separated from his wife, Courteney Cox. The answer? He was working on an exclusive eight minute film with director Terry Gilliam (Fear and Loathing in VegasThe Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus); the "filmette" is called Legend of Hallowdega.


Legend of Hallowdega is about the myth surrounding the super-speed-way, Talladega,  in which President Andrew Jackson kicked out the Native Americans who lived there, thus putting a curse on the land.  Since Telladega's inception there have been pretty horrific events happen! A driver's mother was run over, two drivers mysteriously crashed when they were the only ones using the track, a driver blindsided by a phantom car, and more gruesome tales!


David Arquette plays a techno-geek, paranormal expert who teams up with a host of an investigative show (Justin Kirk) to get to the bottom of the Legend of Hallowdega. They find themselves trying to survive some pretty dangerous events!

In the spirit of Halloween the filmette will premiere on October 31st--Halloween Day! So tune in ten minutes before the official Talladega race on ESPN at 1pm (EST) to watch the first chapter (yep, there's multiple chapters)!

The rest of the film will be available online HERECheck out the behind the scenes videos too!

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Photos courtesy of Fame Pictures and Getty Images