Because of Jackass 3D's big opening weekend, Paramount Pictures is considering releasing a sequeal to the movie in theaters.

Originally the sequel was supposed to be released solely online, but after a $50.4 million opening weekend and a lot of extra footage to use, Paramount may be having second thoughts.

"We shot two movies worth of footage," Jackass 3D star, Johnny Knoxville, said.

'Jackass 3D' May Get a Sequel 

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Sources say Parmount Pictures will be deciding what to do with the extra footage within the next few days.

In 2006, the studio released Jackass 2.5, which was an online follow-up to Jackass 2.  This was originally the plan for the Jackass 3D sequel, too, but adding a 3D element to the movie definitely helped the original movie's sales more than expected.  In fact, 92 percent of box office revenue from opening weekend came from theaters that showed the movie in 3D!

Jackass 3D May Get a Sequel

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If there is a theatrical sequel, sources say it isn't likely that the studio will rely on the extra footage alone.  But the movie's director, Jeff Tremaine, says that although many cast members are reaching their 40's, that wouldn't stop them from filming more.

"As long as they're brave enough to do it," Tremaine said, "they can go on as long as they want."

What do you think of Jackass 3D having a sequel?