Justin Bieber didn't just upset all his female fans around the world when he was photographed making out in the backseat of a car with Jasmine Villegas, he also upset his mom, Pattie.

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A source says,

Pattie's freaking out that she's losing control of her boy. And she's afraid that his obsessions with girls is sapping his time and energy and jeopardizing his music career.

Pattie warned her son about Hollywood social climbing and told him Jasmine could be just using him to further her own career... But it pretty much went in one ear and out the other. When it comes to girls, Justin's out of control.

Right now his mom says girls are a complication he doesn't need.

Justin's mom has her work cut out for her.... trying to keep a teenage boy from all the screaming girls dying for a chance to be his girlfriend.

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What do you think? Will Justin ever find true love or does everyone want his fame and fortune?