Lindsay Lohan has finally admitted to being addictedto drugs and is getting the treatment she needs at the Betty FordClinic in California, but as she goes through treatment she's learningthat her parents are to blame for her problems.

Lindsay is blaming her dad Michael Lohan and Michael is blaming Lindsay's mom Dina Lohan.

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According to TMZ, friends and family of Lindsay are saying,

Lilo is spending a lot of time talking to counselors about the path that led her to drug and alcohol addiction. And she's convinced the nightmare of growing up in such a dysfunctional family has taken its toll.

The sources added that Lindsay blames her problems on her dad being in jail while she was young and on moving to LA without her parents at a very young age.

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Michael Lohan spoke with TMZ about the situation and says he's not the only one to blame claiming Dina was abusive herself. Michael told TMZ about several events that took place in which Dina attacked his mother and accidentally knocked herself out. Michael says it was Dina's idea to send Lindsay to Hollywood without parental supervision, even though she had a stalker.

Dina is keeping quiet on the matter.... at least for now.

What do you think? Are Lindsay's parents to blame?