President Barack Obama has personally challenged Mythbusters' Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman to redo their 'Archimedes Death Ray' experiment for the third and perhaps last time! The mythbusting duo was at the White House Science Fair when they were approached by the President.

“[President Obama] explained that he wasn’t quite satisfied with our earlier experiments...and so we need[ed] to take things full scale.”

Death Ray
The last two tries were busted, but neither experiment followed the legend the way it has been retold throughout Greek history. Archimedes was a mathmatician who, during the Siege of Syracuse, used the sun and five hundred soldiers with polished bronze shields to burn down a fleet of invading Romans. Of course, Mythbusters do not have five hundred soldiers at their disposal, but Jamie has admitted that they used 500 students from his wife's school as replacements.

The episode starring President Obama, the death ray, and Adam and Jamie will air December 8th.

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Do you think the myth will be busted this time around?

Photo: Shine-a-Light