All day yesterday, the fierce Tyra Banks was tweeting away about not being able to find a mask for the party. Alas, nothing turned up. So what is a gutsy fashion icon suppose to do in a situation like this? Make her own stylish mask of course!

Check out it out!

Tyra's Mask

Insane right? After posting the photo Tyra tweeted:

Can u guess how I made this FRENCH VOGUE party mask??? It's homemade. How did I do it though? Hint: was super cheap.

And so the game was on to guess what exactly her wicked accessory was made from. Her fans made quite a few replies but some stood out more than others, such as a pair of underwear, a hair net, a wig cap, and even curtains. But what on earth was the stunning mask made out of? Well, unable to keep her fans out of the loop anymore she finally gave in and told all.

So FRENCH VOGUE mask is sum cheap FISHNET stockings I got n crazy store n Paris! I cut em up n made it y'all. N did my ow hair n makeup.

Unbelievably cool! Well, if you are stuck trying to find something to wear to a ball, you know who to tweet!

What do you think of Tyra Banks' Mask?