The war between Lovato vs. Lovato continues as Disney darling Demi Lovato's extranged father has recently crawled his way out of the woodwork and made comments about his 18-year-old daughters well being as she recently checked herself into a treatment facility.

Demi Lovato

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Patrick Lovato,  Demi's birth father whom she has not seen/ heard from in 2-years, made a statement earlier this week that he has always 'worried' about Demi being involved with 'Disney' and  the 'showbiz' industry. Shortly after this comment made headlines, Demi's attorney shot back in a public statement saying: "No one speaks for Demi except for her designated representatives. Unfortunately, several people have taken it upon themselves to speak out -- both on and off the record -- about a situation they know nothing about."

Seemingly, riling Mr. Lovato up-- he defended himself and his First Amendment 'right,' as he made a statement to Radar Online: "This is the United States of America, I can talk anytime I want to."

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He continued to back-off of his first statement claiming 'Disney' is not to blame, "I'm proud that she's working for Disney,  I'm just concerned about the industry, not them [Disney] specifically because they have taken care of Demi. Shoot, they give her bodyguards...It's the whole industry... the pressures and the time element that you have to put forward...It's those types of things that go along with what you chose and you can't blame Disney for that."

And.. the reason's behind why Papa Lovato hasn't been the perfect father figure!?

"In the last couple of years I've been out of the loop, that's for sure...That's not only their choice but it was my choice too... as I never wanted to interfere with her career...I never wanted to stand in their way because we've been away from each other from quite some time, so I didn't want them to think that now that she's a star, I wanted to get back into her life."

Demi has yet to comment about her father's recent outreach-- but it can only be imagined that she is in the least bit excited about this one!

None-the-less here at HOLLYWIRE we wish Demi a speedy recovery and hope all family conflict can be set to rest soon!