Kyle Massey came out of nowhere and has proven to be one of the best performers on Season 11 of Dancing With the Stars

Week after week, Massey is praised for his energetic and charismatic performances, but that continuous enthusiasm may be coming from somewhere else besides Kyle's natural spunk.  In fact, he sure has something else to be happy about - the competition has helped him lose 18 pounds!

Kyle Massey Loses 18 Pounds on 'Dancing With the Stars'

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Kyle, 19,  is the last male standing in the competition.  The comical Disney Channel star has beaten out pro-athletes like Kurt Warner and Rick Fox, as well as reality television star Mike "The Situation."

Although the above may have been in better shape than Kyle at the beginning of the competition, his long lasting stay on the show is certainly helping him out!

"It's crazy to think you're going to come into competition like this and not lose weight with the hours you have to put in," Massey told People.

Kyle Massey Loses 18 Pounds on 'Dancing With the Stars'

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Kyle's partner, Lacy Schwimmer, is not too thrilled with Kyle's dieting habits, but she is definitely proud of the weight he has been able to take off from Dancing With the Stars.

"He's lost EIGHT inches!" Schwimmer said. "He's really loving it.  He looks in the mirror all the time."

Kyle Massey Loses 18 Pounds on 'Dancing With the Stars'

Massey says that the longer he stays in the running for the coveted mirror ball trophy, the more weight he will continue to lose.    

What do you think of Kyle Massey's Dancing With the Stars weight loss?!

How do you think Kyle will do in the last two weeks of competition?