Miley Cyrus made a last minute change to her AMA performance that may be connected to her parents divorce. Instead of singing Every Rose Has Its Thorn by Bret Michaels, who is rumored to have had an affair with Miley's mom, Miley sang Forgiveness and Love.

According to TMZ, one source connected to the AMA's said that the song list changed on Thursday and a second source confirmed the last minute change.

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A source close to Miley says she strongly considered doing Every Rose Has Its Thorn, but decided to go with Love and Forgiveness two weeks ago, which also happens to be around the time news of an affair broke.

Miley Cyrus

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Timing makes it appear as though Miley made her decision based on the affair rumors, but really there could be a million reasons why Miley changed her song.

Why do you think Miley changed her song?

Credit: Juan Rico/Fame Pictures