The holidays are a perfect time to curl up on the couch with awarm blanket and pop in your favorite movie. With Thanksgiving right around thecorner, Hollywire decided to put together a list of the top 10 Hollywood movies to be thankful for! Check it out!

Top 10 Hollywood Films To Be Thankful For

10. UP

This Disney Pixar film is perfect for all ages! A young Carl Fredrickson (Edward Aser)meets the love of his life, a young adventure-spirited girl named Ellie. Fromthe moment they meet, they both long and dream of going to the Lost Land inSouth America. After being married for 70 years,Ellie dies and Carl is determined to fulfill their dream of visiting the Lost Land.A film filled with laughs, adventure, tears, and lots of balloons, this isdefinitely a movie to be thankful for!

Top 10 Hollywood Films To Be Thankful For

9. Mean Girls

16-year-old Cady Heron (LindsayLohan) was raised in Africa by her zoologistparents and was homeschooled her entire life. When her family makes the bigmove back to the United States, Cady thinks she can handle the lifeof a high schooler. She discovers reality very quickly when she meets a groupof popular girls who called themselves ‘The Plastics.’ Led by their leaderRegina George (Rachel McAdams), the girls follow a strict set of rules to setthemselves a part from everyone else and to make everyone envy of their beauty.Cady gets accepted into the group and her life goes on a whole new adventurefilled with jealously, self-esteem issues, and finding yourself. That’ssomething we all can be thankful for!

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Top 10 Hollywood Films To Be Thankful For

8. Almost Famous

15-year-old William Miller (PatrickFugit) is hired by Rolling Stone magazine to tour with and write about the bandStillwater,while traveling with a group of girls called the Band-Aides. William becomesgood friends with the girls’ leader Penny Lane (Kate Hudson) and the film documents the rock& roll lifestyle in the 1970s. A film showing rock & roll in itsfinest is definitely one to be on the list. Plus, Almost Famous won Kate Hudsonher first Golden Globe!

Top 10 Hollywood Films To Be Thankful For

7. Wedding Crashers

Long-time friends and businesspartners John Beckwith (Owen Wilson) and Jeremy Grey (Vince Vaughn) share aninteresting hobby that comes out every spring time – crashing weddings. Whenthe two crash the wedding of the daughter of Treasury Secretary, William Cleary(Christopher Walken), the two set eyes on bridesmaids Claire (Rachel McAdams)and Gloria Clearly (Isla Fisher) and head off to the lavish Clearly estate. Thishilarious comedy is one almost anyone can enjoy and be thankful for!

Top 10 Hollywood Films To Be Thankful For

6. The Goonies

An oldie, but goodie! BrothersMikey (Sean Astin) and Brandon Walsh (Josh Brolin) and their family prepare tomove when developers want to build a golf course in place of their neighborhoodunless enough money is raised to stop it. When Mickey comes across a treasuremap of the “One-Eyed” Willy’s hidden fortune, the brothers along with friends Lawrence "Chunk" Cohen (Jeff Cohen), Clark "Mouth" Devereaux (Corey Feldman), Andrea"Andy" Carmichael (Kerri Green), Stefanie "Stef"Steinbrenner (Martha Plimpton), and Richard "Data" Wang (Jonathan KeQuan) set out to find the treasure and call themselves “The Goonies!”

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Top 10 Hollywood Films To Be Thankful For

5. Finding Nemo

A classic! Disney Pixar’s 2003film, Finding Nemo is about a clown fish named Marlin (Albert Brooks) living inthe Great Barrier Reef who loses his only son, Nemo (Alexander Gould) after hewanders into the sea, regardless of his father’s warnings. Marlin sets out tofind Nemo and meets a blue tang, Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) who suffers fromshort-term memory loss. The two encounter many adventures along the way includingsharks, jellyfish, turtles and more to get Nemo back home, safe and sound. FindingNemo made $864 million worldwide and is the best-selling DVD of all time!

Top 10 Hollywood Films To Be Thankful For

4. The Notebook

 Every girl is thankfulfor this one! Based on the Nicholas Spark novel, two young lovers, Allie (RachelMcAdams) and Noah (Ryan Gosling) are forced a part by Allie’s disapprovingparents based on Noah’s unwealthy family. The two are separated for seven yearsand when reunited, Allie and Noah fall in love all over again. The Notebook hasfans from young to old, boy to girl, and makes it one of the best chick flicksof all time!

Top 10 Hollywood Films To Be Thankful For

3. The Hangover

An entertaining film you can’t NOTbe thankful for! Four best friends Doug (Justin Bartha), Phil (Bradley Cooper),Stu (Ed Helms), and Allen (Zach Galifianakis) head to Las Vegas, also known as Sin City, to celebrate Doug’slast night of freedom before his big wedding day. But, the night goes awry whenafter a crazy night of partying -- Phil, Stu, and Allen wake up with their bestfriend, Doug missing. The trio get into a mess of trouble – and try and piecethe previous night together – all while trying to find their friend. TheHangover Part II is set to release May 26, 2011.

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Top 10 Hollywood Films To Be Thankful For

2. The Harry Potter Series

Based on the best-selling book series by J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potterseries is one that has brought in huge numbers and cash at the box office. Themovies show the adventures of a wizard named Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe)and his best friends Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) and Hermione Granger (EmmaWatson) while they attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Theseventh film from the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 1 wasnumber one at the box office on its opening weekend -- bringing in $125.1 millionin the USand $330 million in global ticket sales. Now that’s definitely a reason to bethankful!

Top 10 Hollywood Films To Be Thankful For

1. The Twilight Saga

Another book series turned into hitfilms, Stephanie Meyer’s series the Twilight Saga has brought in big bucks atthe box office throughout the years. Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) moves from Phoenix, Arizona to thesmall-town of Forks, Washingtonwhere she falls in love with vampire hunk, Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson).Along the way, a love triangle forms between Bella, Edward, and her werewolfbest friend Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner), and Bella must choose between beinghuman or changing into a vampire. The fourth installment Breaking Dawn: Part 1 is set to be released on November 18, 2011.

There you go! Happy Thanksgiving from Hollywire!