With Disney starlet Demi Lovato currently receiving help in a treatment facility, what will happen to her show Sonny with a Chance?

TMZ is reporting that the sitcomhas been on a scheduled hiatus to allow the talented teen to tour with the Jonas Brothers for their CampRock 2 tour, but now that Demi is in treatment will the show go on?

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What Will Happen to Demi Lovato's Disney Show?

The show was scheduled to continue filming again inmid-January but those plans may have to change to accommodate Demi's rehabilitation.

According to a rep for Disney, “The health and well-being ofDemi comes first and if we have to make other plans, we will.”

What Will Happen to Demi Lovato's Disney Show?

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Sources have also come forward saying that Demi is awarethat she needs help with her emotional and physical issues and that she is committedto getting better. Hopefully soon she will be back to resume filming the show.

What do you think Disney should do?

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