By now, almost everybody has seen or heard about the video that recently surfaced of Miley Cyrus smoking from a bong. 

Mileyhas yet to comment on the video herself, but that doesn't mean she ishiding out.  In fact, despite being in the middle of a majorcontroversy, Miley is already back to working hard on the set of hernew movie So Undercover.

Miley Cyrus Gets Back to Work

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Miley was at rehearsals for the film in New Orleans the very day the video was released.  She ran lines with co-star Kelly Osbourne and a source has revealed that she "kept her focus on the movie" and not on the video and gossip surrounding her.

However, apparently work wasn't the only thing Miley was up to in New Orleans!  She was also spotted out with co-stars and friends on Saturday night at a club called Republic.  Sources say that Miley was out dancing until 3:30 a.m.

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Miley also enjoyed some football on Sunday at the New Orleans Saints game.  Taylor Lautner was at the football game, too!

Miley Cyrus Gets Back to Work

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What do you think? Should Miley continue keeping busy?

Or is it time for her to address this controversy once and for all!?

Photos Courtesy Of: Fame Pictures