The past years in pop culture has been quite a whirlwind! Since 2000, pop stars have risen, fallen and risen again.Hollywood has lost some of its most talented stars and fans have watched assome stars learned the same lessons over and over again. Here is HOLLYWIRE’s 50most shocking moments in pop culture since the year 2000! Check it out!


50. Britney Spears 2000 MTV VMA Performance of Oops… I Did It Again: Britney opened with The Rolling Stone’sclassic, (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,wearing a simple black tuxedo and then ripped it away to reveal a nude coloredoutfit covered in sparkles. Parent groups were outraged by the sexy performance because at the timeBritney had a wholesome image. Watch herperformance here:

49. Robert Downey Jr. Drug Arrest: Before 2000, Robert Downey Jr. was already known as aHollywood bad boy.  Then during Thanksgiving 2000, his hotel room was searched bypolice when an anonymous call came in. Police found cocaine and Valiums in theactor’s Merv Griffin Hotel room in Palm Springs, California. Since then, DowneyJr. has dealt with his addictions and has had a stellar acting career rebound. 

Robert Downy Jr.


48. Eminem performs withElton John at the Grammy Awards: Back in 2001 Emimen was in the center of controversybecause of his album The Marshall Mathers LP and its lyrical content. The Gayand Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation had deemed his lyrics to be homophobicand urged people to boycott his music.  Atthe 43rd Grammy Awards, GLAAD became outraged even more when the rapperteamed up with openly gay pop star Elton John to perform his single, Stan.  Later that year GLAAD held a protest outsideof his concert at the Staples Center. Check out the performance here:


47. Angelina Jolie Adopts Seven Month Old Maddox Chivan from Cambodia:  While filming her movie Tomb Raider Jolie had spent some time inCambodia and decided to adopt a child from the Southeast Asian country. Joliewas married to Billy Bob Thornton at the time, but the couple divorced shortly afterand Jolie received sole custody. This was the first time a celebrity in thespotlight had adopted a child under those circumstances and she continued toadopt children from Namibia and Vietnam.  

Angelina Jolie


46. Britney Spears,Madonna, Christina Aguilera Triple Kiss at MTV VMAs: At the 2003 VMAs the ultimatepop princesses, at the time, joined forces with the queen of pop, Madonna, in a performanceof Madonna's hits. Britney and Christina took the stage in replicated outfits fromMadonna’s 1984 performance of Like AVirgin, and performed a duet together to the iconic song. Then Madonnajoined the two on stage dressed in a tuxedo to perform her current hit, Hollywood. The three danced and sangtogether until they reached the end of the stage. Madonna leaned in and first kissedBritney and then turned to Christina for another. Viewers and attendees wereshocked to say the least. Check out the performance here:



45. Paris Hilton Sex Tape Released:  Up until 2004 Paris Hiltonhad been known as a model, party girl and hotel heiress. When a sex tape of herand her then-boyfriend Rick Solomon hit shelves, everyone knew who Pairs Hiltonwas. The tape was released just before Hilton’s TV series The Simple Life debuted and caused a media frenzy. The video was releasedby Red Light District; as well, it is one of the most famous celebrity sex tapes and won twoawards. In 2006, Hilton told GQmagazine, “I never received a dime from the video. It’s just dirty money and(Solomon) should give it all to some charity for the sexually abused or something.To be honest, I don’t’ even think about it anymore. “

Paris Hilton

44. Janet Jackson’s Wardrobe Malfunctions at the Super Bowl:  InFebruary 2004, football fans across the country watched as the New EnglandPatriots took on the Carolina Panthers in Reliant Stadium in Houston Texas. At halftime, pop fans tuned in to see Janet Jackson perform her hits All For You and Rhythm Nation. The performance also had a guest, Justin Timberlake,to perform his hit single, Rock Your Body.When Timberlake and Jackson were dancing together Timberlake tore off apiece of Jackson’s top, exposing her breast.  The backlash was overwhelming, resulting in apublic apology from CBS, the NFL and MTV.  Jackson said about the scandal, “I am reallysorry if I offended anyone. That was truly not my intention… MTV, CBS, the NFLhad no knowledge of this whatsoever, and unfortunately, the whole thing wentwrong.” Timberlake also released an apology calling the incident a “wardrobe malfunction.”Oh, and the Patriots won 32 to 29 over the Panthers. Check out the performancehere:

43. Ashlee Simpson Caught Lip-Syncing on SNL: In 2004, Ashlee Simpson had a new bright music career withthe help of her MTV reality show, TheAshlee Simpson Show; and, had gained a large enough fan base to land her amusic guest spot on Saturday Night Live.Simpson had been criticized before for her live performances and was set to performtwo songs that night. The first song, Piecesof Me, went fine, but when she took the stage again to perform her secondsong, Autobiography, viewers onceagain heard Pieces of Me before shehad even held the microphone to her mouth. Embarrassed Simpson began to nervouslydance and left the stage. Check out the story behind her performance here:



42. Britney Spears Marries Jason Alexander in Las Vegas: Following Britney’s huge success in2003, Ms. Spears decided to take a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate the New Year and ended up marrying Jason Alexander. WHO? Exactly. Upon thisnews breaking, media outlets scrambled to learn more about this mystery man and foundout he was Britney’s childhood friend. The happy couple had their ceremony inThe Little White Wedding Chapel and the marriage was annulled 55 hours later. 

Britney Spears Jason Alexander



41. Nick Lachey andJessica Simpson File for Divorce: Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson were theperfect pop couple when they married in 2002. They were so perfect in fact thatMTV decided to make a reality show around the couple’s new marriage and filmtheir lives for the reality show, Newlyweds.The show was an immediate hit but took a toll on the couple’s relationship, andin November of 2005 (after months of speculation that there was trouble) thecouple announced they were separating to the shock of Newlyweds fans all over the world.  The divorce was finalized in June of 2006. 

Nick Lachey Jessica Simpson

40. Tom Cruise Jumps onOprah’s Couch: In 2005, Tom Cruise had a lot to celebrate and he shared itall with Oprah Winfrey on her talk show. Cruise decided to express his excitementand love for his new girlfriend, actress Katie Holmes, by jumping up and downon Oprah’s couch.  Viewers, audience members,and Oprah herself, were shocked by his behavior and the story remained in the headlinesfor weeks and was parodied on several online videos and television skits.

Tom Cruise Oprah

39. Brad Pitt andJennifer Aniston Announce Split: Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston wereAmerica’s favorite couple in the late 90s and early 2000s. The couple begandating in 1998 and married in Malibu in 2000, but in 2005, they decided to divorce.Aniston filed for Divorce in March of 2005 and it was finalized in October of the same year. Speculation began to spread that Pitt had been unfaithful with Mr. & Mrs. Smith co-star AngelinaJolie and that was the reason for the split. As a result, Team Aniston and TeamJolie alliances were formed in pop culture.

Brad Pitt Jennifer Anniston

38. Reports of Jude Law Cheats on Sienna Miller with Family Nanny: Jude Law and Sienna Millerbegan dating in late 2003 after filming the movie Alfie together and became engaged on Christmas Day in 2004. In 2005,rumors began to circulate that Law was having an affair with his children’snanny, Daisy Wright. The couple reportedly tried to work past the issues, butparted in November 2005. Four years later in 2009 the couple began datingagain; go figure. 

Jude Law Sienna Miller


37. Nicole Richie Driveson Wrong Side of the Freeway: On December 11, 2006, Simple Life star, Nicole Richie was pulled over by the California HighwayPatrol and failed a sobriety test. A fellow driver called in to report thatsomeone was trying to enter the exit ramp of the freeway in the wrongdirection. Richie admitted to using marijuana and Vicodin before getting behindthe wheel. She was sentenced to spend 4 days in jail, but only served 82 hoursdue to overcrowding. 

Nicole Richie Mugshot

36. N'SYNC’s Lance Bass Comes Out:  Pop boy band N'SYNC hadmajor success from 1998 until they parted ways in 2004. With sold out concerts,millions upon millions of albums sold, and adoring fans all over the world who would do anything to date one of these boys, it was a shock in 2006 when LanceBass came out to People magazine thathe was gay. Granted there had beenspeculation for years about Lance’s sexual orientation, but he confirmed it all to People saying, “The thin is, I’m not ashamed – that’sthe one thing I want to say. I don’t think it’s wrong. I’m not devastated goingthrough this. I’m more liberated and happy than I’ve been my whole life. I’mjust happy.” Since coming out Lance has had a successful autobiography and has openlybeen in relationships with men. 

Lance Bass

35. Kelly Clarkson Wins TwoGrammy Awards: When American Idol hit the air in 2002 the show was immediatelycriticized for lack of legitimacy in the music business. Critics doubted the shows abilityto find real talent in a reality show format and it was believed that its winners would nevertruly be acknowledged in the music industry as legitimate artists. That allchanged in 2006 when AI winner Kelly Clarkson won two Grammy’s for Best PopVocal Album (Breakaway) and BestFemale Pop Vocal Performance (Since UBeen Gone). Needless to say, her wins that night silenced critics; and, sincethen, show participants have won a total of 8 Grammys, 38 Billboard MusicAwards, 16 American Music Awards, and 1 Academy Award.

Kelly Clarkson Grammys

34. Angelina Jolie Confirms to People She is Pregnantwith Brad Pitt’s Child: In 2006, rumors that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pittwere together circulated like wildfire because of his split with JenniferAnniston in ’05 and their palpable chemistry in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. The A-list actors denied commenting ontheir relationship, just saying they enjoyed working together on the film. However,in an interview with People magazine,Jolie stated that she was pregnant with Pitt’s baby, confirming for thefirst time to the media that they were in fact a couple and starting a familytogether. 

Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt


33. Lindsay Lohan Checksinto Rehab Three Times in One Year and is Arrested: Up until 2007, LindsayLohan has been an up and coming actress with a lot of promise with her actingcareer until she found herself in some trouble. The young starlet made somemistakes and found herself arrested and in and out or rehab in 2007, puttinga nick in her acting career. Try to keep up with her arrests and rehab stints--read more on Lindsay from 2000 - 2010 here, "From Mean Girls Megastar to Fallen Starlet."

Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot

The problems all started in 2005 when the actress had a suitfiled against her for a traffic accident. That same year she was taken to thehospital when she collided with a parked van. It was not confirmed if she wasunder the influence of any drugs at the time; however, in January of 2007 Lohancheck into rehab for the first time.

A few months later, in May of 2007, Lohanwas arrested for driving under the influence of cocaine when her Mercedes hit acurb in Los Angeles. Two days later Lohan went back to rehab.

June of 2007, Lohan’s case from 2005 was brought back upand she was accused of drunk driving that night.

July of 2007, Lohanchecked out of Promises rehab facility after spending only 45 days, and celebratesat Pure night club in Las Vegas.  

July of 2007, Lohan is pulled over for five counts, includingdriving under the influence of alcohol and driving with a suspended license.Lohan checks into rehab hours after her arrest.

August 2007, Lohan is charged with seven misdemeanor counts forher two DUI arrests. She reaches a plea deal to spend one day in jail, servecommunity service time, and to complete an 18 month drug treatment program.  Back to rehab.

October of 2007, Lohan leaves a two-month stay in rehab.

December of 2007, TMZ posts a video of Lohan drinking straightfrom a Champagne bottle in Italy.

What a year for Lindsay.  (And, we all know, this Lindsay saga continues today.)

32. Britney Spears Shavesher Head: In 2007, Britney Spears faced some personal struggles, includingthe loss of her aunt to cancer and her divorce from Kevin Federline (finalized in July 2007). Soon Britney found herself in need of help, and familymembers urged her to seek treatment in a drug rehabilitation facility, but shelasted less than a day. The next night, at a hair salon in Tarzana, California, Britneyshaved her head. She then admitted herself to a treatment facillity in the followingweeks. After her treatment Britney said, “I truly hit rock bottom. Till thisday I don’t think it was alcohol or depression… was like a bad kid funning aroundwith ADD.”  For more on Britney between 2000 - 2010, click here, "Britney's Most Shocking Moments from 2000 - 2010!"

Britney S

31. Owen Wilson Attempts Suicide: Comedic actor Own Wilson was discovered at his Los Angles homeafter cutting his wrists and swallowing several pills. Reports surfaced thatWilson was taken to a Los Angles hospital to recover and was joined by hisbothers, Andrew and Luke, for support. The actor’s lawyer later confirmed that he was being treated for depression and Wilson has since never spokenpublicly about his hospitalization.

Owen Wilson

30. Vanessa Hudgens Lingerie Photos Leak on the Web: Vanessa Hudgens was known for herrole in the Disney hit, High SchoolMusical, as the brainy good girl – that all changed in ’07. In September2007, photos of Hudgens hit the web showing her posing in lingerie and another showingher nude. The photos had been taken privately and were stolen from the teenactress. Hudgens released a statement saying she was embarrassed and apologizedto fans.  Parents were outraged and therewas speculation that Disney might drop her from the upcoming third HSM movie in order todistance themselves from the controversial star, but Disney stuck with her. Clickhere to learn more.

Vanessa Hudgens

29. Jamie Lynn Spears Announces Pregnancy at 16: 16 year old Jamie Lynn Spears, little sister ofBritney Spears, announced to OK! magazinethat she was pregnant with her boyfriend Casey Aldridge’s baby. The Nickelodeonstar shortly announced that she would be leaving her show Zoey 101, and that her primary concern was with her new family. JamieLynn gave birth to a baby girl in June of 2008.  For more on the story click here.

Jaime Lynn Spears

28. Kim Kardashian/Ray JSex Tape:  Kim Kardashian became ahousehold name in 2007 when Vivid Entertainment released a sex tape featuring Kardashian with R&B singer, Ray J. Kim later sued Vivid but settled out ofcourt for $5 million. To learn more about Kim’s sex tape click here.

Kim Kardashian

27. Anna Nicole Smith Dies: On February 8, 2007, model and actress Anna Nicole Smith was founddead in a hotel room in Hollywood, Florida. Smith’s death was sudden and at39 years old, she also left behind a young daughter. In the weeks following her death,many speculated as to what may have been the cause of death, but it was ultimately ruledas an accidental drug overdose. 11 different drugs were found in Smith’s bodyand an investigation followed about suspicions that she had been given the drugs incorrectly,causing her death.

Anna Nicole Smith

26. Paris Hilton Goes to Jail:  This story goes back to 2006when Hilton as arrested for a DUI. Hilton had her driver's license suspended inNovember of 2006 and she was put on 36 months probation. In January of 2007, Ms.Hilton was pulled over for driving with a suspended license and then was caughtagain in February of 2007 driving with a suspended license. May of 2007, she wassentenced to 45 jails in prison for violation of her probation and ordered tobegin her term on June 5, 2007, but she checked in early on June 3rd afterthe MTV Movie Awards.

Paris Hilton Mugshot

25. Britney Spears' ‘Comeback’VMA Performance: This was Britney’s big moment to come back after hervery public personal struggles.  She was to give a comeback performance for her peers and the world. Instead viewers wereleft confused by this strange performance of her lead single Gimmie More, off her fifth album, Blackout. Britney, who had been knownfor her stage presence and for her amazing dancing abilities, struggled to keepup with her back up dancers and left fans unimpressed and unpresuaded of her comeback. Perhaps she was not readyfor a comeback. Watch her awkward performance here:



24. Miley Cyrus VanityFair Pictures: In 2008, 15 year old Miley Cyrus was the star of the hitDisney Channel Series Hannah Montana, with millions of VERY young fans all over the world.Parents’ embraced Cyrus as a role model because of her squeaky clean show and image.  Then she posed for famed photographer Annie Leibovitz for the cover ofVanity Fair magazine. The photos sparked controversy because a young Cyrus wasphotographed with only a sheet covering her as she posed with a bare back. For more click here

Miley Cyrus

23. Heath Ledger Dies: At28 years old, actor Heath Ledger was found unconscious by his housekeeper in hisNew York apartment on January 22, 2008. When the reports came in, originallythere was speculation that it was a suicide attempt, but an autopsy later foundthat Ledger died of an acute intoxication caused by a combination of prescriptiondrugs. Ledger’s death came a shock to family, fans, and Hollywood. To learn more clickhere.

Heath Ledger

22. Britney Spears Heldon 5150:  With a divorce and twochildren under her belt, Britney Spears was under a microscope regarding her parenting skills due to her continued apparent struggles with sanity in her many appearances in paparazzi photos and videos.  InJanuary of 2008, after refusing to give custody of her two children to theirfather, Kevin Federline, she soon after was hospitalized when policearrived at her home to find her under the influence of a substance. There wasan emergency hearing held to give Federline sole physical and legal custody oftheir two children.  On January 31, 2008Britney was held under a 5150 in the psychiatric ward of Ronald Reagan UCLAMedical Center. A temporary conservatorship was given to her father JamesSpears to control the pop stars assets. Read more here

Britney Spears 5150

21. Joaquin Phoenix Announces Rapping Career: Walk the Line star, Joaquin Phoenix, decided in2008 to retire from acting and to peruse a rapping career. HUH? He announced that Two Lovers would be his final film and,on the Late Show with David Letterman, where his was topromote his new and final film, Phoenix had instead had a very bizarre interview with Letterman.  During the interview, the star (wearing black sunglasses) almost complety refused to talk about his newmovie and displayed a totally unnerving demeanor. Watch the strange interview here:



20. Oprah Announces She Will End The Oprah Winfrey ShowAfter25 years on air, Oprah announced in 2009 that the next year of her hit talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, would be herlast. Undoubtedly fans were sad to hear the news; but, have no fear, Oprah willcontinue to rule the world with a brand new network! Here is Oprah’sannouncement to fans:

19. David Letterman's Extortion and Cheating Scandal: David Letterman has been at the top of thelate night ladder for years and in 2009 scandal broke that he had been havingan affair with several of his female employees. Not only was he caught cheating,but he was being blackmailed by Robert J. Halderman (who threatened to exposeLetterman’s actions if he did not pay up the $2 million he wanted). Lettemanended up facing the allegations head on and announced on his show what had beengoing on. Here is Letterman’s statement from his show:

18. Brittany Murphy Diesat age 32:  Clueless star, Brittany Murphy, collapsed in her bathroom at herhome in Los Angeles on December 20, 2009. Upon a call to the Los Angeles Fire Department,Murphy was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and was announced dead onarrival. Murphy had suffered cardiac arrest and the primary cause of death wasdiscovered as pneumonia.  Later it wasalso revealed that Murphy had been taking many over-the-counter and prescriptionmedications, which were likely contributions to her death.

Brittany Murphy

17. Tiger Wood's Cheating Scandal: Professional golfer Tiger Woods was caughtcheating on his wife, Elin Nordegren, with 14 different women and admitted himselfinto rehab. The scandal did not all come out at once; instead more and more information slowly cameout over the course of a month. Each woman coming forward each day withdetailed information and evidence that they had an affair with Tiger. Because of thescandal, Woods lost several endorsement deals and the couple officially filedfor divorce on August 23, 2010. For more click here.

Tiger Elin Woods

16. Kanye West StealsTaylor Swift’s VMA Moment:  Taylor Swift was awarded her first MTV VideoMusic Award in 2009 and when she began accepting her 'Best Female Video’ award, shewas interrupted by Kanye West. West shocked everyone when he ran up on stage, stolethe microphone out of her hand and claimed that Beyonce deserved to win theaward.  Swift and the rest of the worldwatched -- completely and utterly shocked.  Beyonce did her best torectify the mistake by giving Taylor Swift her 'moment' back later in theceremony.  Click here for what Taylor had to say about the incident later. 

Taylor Swift

15. Ellen DeGeneres Replaces Paula Abdul onAmerican Idol: America knew that Paula Abdul might be getting theaxe (or leaving) the hit reality show American Idol at the end of season eight, but itcame as a total shock to learn that Ellen DeGeneres would be replacing her forseason nine. Ellen said about the news, “I am so excited. It’s going to be somuch fun! Hopefully I am the peoples point of view.” Ellen had originally signedon for five seasons of the show but only lasted one. More here

Ellen DeGeneres

14. Adam Lambert Kisses Male Dancer duringAMA Performance:  Adam Lambert pushed the boundarieswith his sex-crazed and scandalous performance at the AMAs.  During his performanceof For Your Entertainment, the singer dragged a woman across the stage, made offensive gestures, and kissedhis male dancer.  Viewers couldn't believe their eyes! Lamberttold Rolling Stone magazine, “Female performers have been doing this foryears-- pushing the envelope about sexuality – and the minute a man does it,everybody freaks out. We’re in 2009-- it’s time to take risks, be a little morebrave, time to open people’s eyes and if it offends them, then maybe I’m notfor them. My goal was not to piss people off, it was to promote freedom ofexpression and artistic freedom.” The Parents TelevisionCouncil was outraged by the performance.  Check it out here:

13. ChrisBrown’s Assault on Rihanna: Once a much-lovedHollywood couple, everything changed in the matter of one night.  ChrisBrown severely beat his then-girlfriend, Rihanna, causing the duo to miss theGrammy Awards.  Photos of her bruised and beaten face were released and theworld was appalled and sickened by Brown's behavior. Since then Brown’s careerhas struggled, while Rihanna has continued to have major success in the musicindustry. Read more here

Rihanna Chris Brown Grammy Party

12. Miley Cyrus Pole Dancing at Teen Choice Awards:  Disney Queen, Miley Cyrus, hasdefinitely slipped up a few times... but this time, she went a tad too far. During her Party in the USA performance at TheTeen Choice Awards, Miley danced provocatively atop an ice cream cart andgrinded on what appeared to the audience as a stripper pole! Fans were shockedand parent groups were outraged. Watch her performance here:

11. Michael Jackson Passes Awayat Age 50: Michael Jackson is likely themost famous performer of our time.  The world was shocked and saddened tohear of his passing in 2009, especially since his death occurred right before his'This Is It' Tour.  He went on to become the best-selling artist of 2009in the US, selling over 8.2 million albums in the 12 months following his death.His untimely death shocked the entireworld and fans paid tribute to Jackson all over the world. For more read here 

Michel Jackson Fan Tribute


10.  Chelsea Handler vs. Angelina Jolie: Girl code: Always stick up for your bestiewhen someone steals her man. Comedian Chelsea handler took this gesture veryseriously while doing her stand-up act in Newark, NJ – standing up for her bestfriend Jennifer Aniston. Handler took the opportunity to tell the audienceexactly what she thinks of Jolie and the controversy of Jolie stealing Brad Pittaway from Aniston 5 years ago. She had some pretty outrageous things to say.Read more here.

Chelsea Handler

9.  John Mayer’s Candid Playboy Interview:  Grammy award winning John Mayer is know forhis music, dating some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, and his bigmouth. John may have been too candid this year in an interview with Playboywhen the topic of past relationshipscame up. John revealed his love of porn, what his relationship was like withactress Jennifer Aniston, and what his sexual relationship was like with pop starJessica Simpson from 2006-2007. He told the magazine, “That girl, for me, is adrug. And drugs aren’t good for you if you do lots of them. Yeah, that girl islike crack cocaine to me… Sexually it was crazy. That’s all I’ll say. It waslike napalm, sexual napalm…” Simpson was not thrilled but took his comments asa compliment. For more click here.

Joh Mayer

8.  Tony Parker & Eva Longoria's Rocky Road: Anotherone of Hollywood’s happy couples hit a rough patch in 2010 when Eva Longoriafound inappropriate text messages in her husband Tony Parker’s cell phone. Thecouple, who married 3 years ago, had been going strong until this scandal sparked rumors that the NBA player had been cheating on the actress whileon the road. More here.

Tony Parker Eva Longoria

7. Heidi Montag Goes Under the Knife, a lot: The Hillsreality star, Heidi Montag took headlines in January of 2010 when the23 year old underwent 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day.  To show off her new look, the almost unrecognizableMontag, posed for the cover of Peoplemagazine and, to the shock of fans, in the article she admitted to having spentover $30,000 on the procedures and was very happy with the results. “I look waybetter and I’m way happier… My eyebrows lift just took my face to another level,made it a little bit more European-exotic. And for the first time, I have sexyears!” More here.

Heidi Montag

6.  MelGibson’s Angry Voicemails: MelGibson has had a few blunders over the past decade -- but his worst is his mostrecent rant that was recorded and released online for all to hear. In the summer of 2010 Gibson was recorded in aseries of voicemails he left for his ex, Oksana Grigorieva, who is also themother of his baby daughter. His rants were filled with racist remarks and violentthreats. Read more here.

Mel Gibson

5. Paris Hilton’s Cocaine Bust:  Hotel heiressParis Hilton has had quite a few of shocking moments.  In 2010 she added to the list when she was caught withcocaine in Las Vegas.  Hilton was pulledover and searched when what could have been marijuana smoke came out of thewindows of her car. The police found the bag of cocaine and Pairs denied that itwas hers. She was able to avoid jail time by paying $2000 in fines, 200 hoursof community service, and had to enroll in a substance abuse program.  For more click here.

Paris Hilton

4. Demi Lovato Enters Rehab: In November of 2010, Disney star Demi Lovato waskicked off her Camp Rock tour with the Jonas Brothers and entered a treatmentfacility to work on some personal issues. In the days to follow, information leakedthat Lovato had gotten into a physical altercation with a back-up dancer.Currently, Lovato is still in the treatment facility. For more click here.

Demi Lovato

3. Lindsay Lohan Goes to Rehab and Jail:  LindsayLohan has had her fair share of troubles in the past--just look at 2007--and in2010 she faced more obstacles when it came to her addiction and recovery.  The issue resurfaced for Lindsay again in 2010, when shewas sentenced to 90 days in jail and 90 days in rehab for violating herprobation. For more on Lindsay’s drama in 2010, click here.

Lindsay Lohan

2. Miley Cyrus and the Salvia Video: In 2010, Miley Cyrus had a new album, turned 18,and had a viral video of her hit the web featuring the young Disney star takinga hit off a bong. According to TMZ the substance she was smoking was the Californialegal substance, Salvia. The video features Miley very high and laughingcontinuously over silly observations. Once again, her role model status is questionedby parents all over the world.  For moreinformation, including the video, click here.

Miley Cyrus

1. Jesse James Cheats on Sandra Bullock: Sandra Bullock had a crazy year in 2010. She wonan Academy Award, and also a Razzie, and news broke that her husband of five years had anaffair with another woman.  America wasstunned to hear about the affair and Sandra went into hiding for days to copewith the heartbreak. Bullock filed for divorce in April of 2010 and it was finalizedin June of 2010 citing “conflict of personalities.” For more click here

Sandra Bullock Jesse James

What do you think was the most shocking moment in Hollywood during 2000-2010?

Sandra's Razzie Award Acceptance Speech:

Sandra's Academy Award Acceptance Speech: