Swedish pop sensation Robynhas had an amazing year in 2010 with her album, Body Talk – which she releasedin three parts! Her infectious album's success launched her career to a broad rangeof fans, landed her a guest spot on Gossip Girl, andearned her a Grammy nomination for her single, Dancing on My Own. Sowhat does she think about all of her success in 2010 and what can fans expect for 2011?

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HOLLYWIRE chatted with the Swedish siren today and she told us allabout it!

Robyn told HOLLYWIRE all about her plans for 2011, starting with atour in the US—including a stop at the famous Radio City Music Hall in New YorkCity!

“Fans can expect what they always get, a lot of energy. We justtry to make people dance. It’s not about any big explosions or pyrotechnics, it’smore about connecting with the audience.”

“[Radio City Music Hall] It’s beautiful and it is the biggestvenue that I have played in America so far.”

Robyn also had an appearance on The CW hit, Gossip Girl – and her song, Dancing on My Own, was featured duringa very pivotal moment on the show!

“I didn’t know much about the show but they were really sweet tous. It seemed like a lot of people really liked what we did on there. They didthat whole ending with the kiss. It was a great sync.”


She also told us what fans can expect for a next single, when anew music video will be out, and how she manages to keep her sound ahead ofeveryone else.

“The next single will be Call Your Girlfriend. [The video] It’sgoing to be out sometime in probably February or March.”

“I try to do something that is interesting to me, something that Ienjoy. As an artist I like to feel like what I am doing makes sense and if thatis preserved as being ahead of people that is awesome”

And what about that Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording?

“I am gonna be on tour when the Grammy’s are happening.  I am really excited of course for beingnominated.”

Overall, Robyn has a unique voice in the music industry and HOLLYWIRE will definitely be rooting for Robyn on Grammy night! Check out her official websitefor up to date news and tour information AND her video for her nominated single, Dancing On My Own

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What do you think of Robyn's video for Dancing on My Own?